1 Closely Held Guest Posting Secret

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I have a big secret for you. Few bloggers know this secret. I know. I see these folks stumbling over themselves to guest posts on popular, high traffic blogs in their niche. After having their guest posts published, nothing happens. No profits through the guest post. Little or no traffic. What gives? Frustrated, guest bloggers deem guest posting on authority blogs works not, quit and miss out on a profitable opportunity.

1 Closely Held Guest Posting Secret

What is the guest posting secret? Guest posting on famous blogs does not necessarily boost traffic and profits. Guest posting on blogs of bloggers who know, like and trust you – and whose readers know, like and trust you – leads to increased traffic and profits, guaranteed, over time.

Few bloggers know this secret because few resist urges to guest post for HUGE audiences of strangers. Alas, since none of those trillion readers knows, likes or trusts them, no profits, no traffic. Money is trust. Blogging success is trust. Meanwhile, wise, prospering bloggers guest post for buddies who trust them and who buy their eBooks and hire them. Plus, these blogging buddies’ readers trust you, buying your stuff. 

Guest posting for 80,000 strangers yields zero profits. Guest posting for 100 people who deeply trust you leads to steady profits. I experienced this personally, guest posting for MASSIVE readerships and making no connections, and guest posting for small, trusting readerships, making a high volume of strong connections. 

Go to Where You Are Loved

This is my #1 rule for being a successful blogger. Keep going back to where you are loved. Guest post for friends who love what you do. Mention trusted bloggers who dig your blog, on your blog. Promote fans. Engage eBook customers. Shout out clients. Give virtually all attention and energy to bloggers who love what you do. Success follows. Because where your energy goes, grows. Give your energy to people who love your blog and you attract more people who love your blog, accelerating your success. Law of attraction thing (good eBook for you).

In guest posting terms, keep guest posting for bloggers who love your content, for bloggers who buy your stuff, for bloggers who hire you, for bloggers who promote you and for bloggers who are flat out, rabid fans of your blog and brand.

This is where the money is. I care not if a blogger has 5 readers; keep guest posting for that blogger if they are a rabid fan and if their 5 readers are rabid fans. Why? Those 6 rabid fans will buy your eBook, promote you and endorse you, accelerating your blogging success.

Meanwhile, bloggers ignorant of this secret, guest post for 50,000 reader-strangers and don’t make a dime. Go to where you are loved, persistently and patiently. Never get tripped up in a blogging numbers game. Take it from a guy who’s been featured on world-famous sites with millions of readers.

My biggest blogging business and a traffic flow from friendships I developed with less well known, focused, generous bloggers, who love what I do, who trust me, and who promote me to their followings. Blogging is all about befriending human beings, sharing value and giving virtually all of your attention and energy to people who love what you do.

Lose obsession with numbers, famous blogs, and big followings, because unless readers know, like and trust you, nothing grows by blogging for an audience of disinterested strangers.

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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

4 thoughts on “1 Closely Held Guest Posting Secret”

  1. I agree Ryan , like and building that trust can help you to do guest posting on a effective way . I write 5 to 10 guest post a day .It helps me to meet new people and understand them .

  2. Hey Ryan & Vishwajeet,

    Really sounds interesting Ryan, way you explore things really appreciable.

    Guest posting has wide range of benefit definitely but you know it provides us opportunity to establish your identity.

    Thanks for sharing.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  3. Totally agree with you Ryan on this.

    The way you both Vishwajeet and You are building relationship and writing guest post on other blogs is remarkable. And I appreciate your thinking on Blogging as I can see that the blog post topics on which you writes are totally different than others. Every time you share biggest learning.


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