1 Common Blogging Head Game to Let Go

I regularly visualize myself reaching billions of people through blogging.

I largely feel more than enough and see myself reaching all types of folks through this fun, magical, enjoyable medium of blogging.

1 Common Blogging Head Game to Let Go

I never get caught up in anything like blogging profits, traffic, launches or anything that pulls me away from that intent. Blogging is simple but highly uncomfortable sometimes. Why? Take the average blogger; oodles of knowledge, or solid know-how, but this blogger struggles terribly. How? Most bloggers fall prey to the NOT ENOUGH head game.


  • not good enough
  • not enough subscribers
  • not enough readers
  • not a big enough list
  • not enough money
  • not enough clout

Every one suggests a deep fear, a heavy believe in scarcity, and a pulsating clinging to poverty. Gotta let these NOT ENOUGHs go, to become a successful blogger.

In my eBook:

10 Disastrous Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make and How to Fix Them

the not enough mindset aka feeling killed me, among my mistakes. I always focused on not making enough money, not having a big enough email list for growing my business, and not getting enough traffic to be a successful blogger. My ego-mind focused heavily on scarcity because I feared running out of everything. I was an ingrate. I admit it. Finally, after facing some deep fears of not enough, feeling the energies and releasing, I felt grateful for every visitor, every penny and every social share. My life changed because I was good enough, I had enough and I felt abundant, more whole and more complete.

Get rid of this scarcity focused head game, it being particularly insidious when it comes to your premium products and services. Bloggers slay themselves unless they write a 500 page eBook or create the most in-depth blogging course, but if you do not address your feeling of not enough, you will never have enough, no matter how much you work. I recall reading the story of a billionaire from over 100 years ago. She had a fortune of 1 billion USD but died a miser, being too cheap to use the range, eating cold oatmeal. Imagine having $1,000,000,000.00 dollars and being afraid to spend $7 a month on an electric bill? This is the most extreme case of not having enough even though you have massive worldly wealth, but in many blogger’s cases, you literally make 0 dollars because you focus so heavily on scarcity.


You cannot outfox your energy. Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Focus on lack. Experience lack. Focus on abundance. Experience abundance.

This principle is why talented, skilled bloggers sometimes struggle while less skilled bloggers made boatloads of money and find success more easily.

Be Grateful

Be grateful for every penny you make through blogging. Celebrate every sale. I celebrate all the sweet eBook and course retweets I receive and certainly celebrate every sale. What you notice, grows. What you appreciate, appreciates. What you focus on, expands. Note sales, and you see more sales. More importantly, you leave the idea of scarcity behind you, for good. No more head games. No more lack and limitation. You are enough and will always be enough. Accept that idea to let  this NOT ENOUGH mindset behind….for good!