3 Blog Commenting Basics

Blog commenting has been good to me. I no longer comment extensively because I am busy blogging and guest posting on rocking blogs like Vishwajeet’s, but I did gain serious traction during earlier blogging years via the vastly underutilized networking method.

Genuine blog commenting is perfect for new bloggers. Free, and with no real barriers to entry, anyone from newbie to veteran bloggers can make seismic impacts fast through authentic blog commenting. Even if you have landed no guest posts so far you can dive into blog commenting to make friends, to increase traffic, and to boost blogging profits too. Note how blog commenting is an indirect success-promoting activity. Friendships formed through genuine commenting lead to traffic and profits, although some people do generate solid traffic and profits through readers who click their hyperlinked name associated with the comment.

 3 Blog Commenting Basics

Commenting becomes easy if you comment to give. Commenting becomes hard if you comment to get. Everything depends on you.

Follow these tips to follow 3 blog commenting basics.

1: Comment to Add Value

Value is the name of the blog commenting game. Comment to add value by adding a 2 or 3 paragraph long, helpful comment expounding some point made in the blog post. Flesh out points interesting to you by adding personal experiences to the comment. Add your flavor. Toss in your flair. Genuine blog commenting begins and ends with sharing sweet value to draw in interested bloggers and readers. 1 or 2 sentence, drive-by comments never cut it because mindless, greedy comments reek of spam, self-service and general foolishness, all massive turn-offs in the blog commenting game. We need some meat. Publish a few paragraphs to make impacts. Share your take. Add value, become valuable.

2: Personalize Comments

I love addressing bloggers by name. Doing so adds a nice personalized touch to comments. Raise eyebrows. Use first names to make powerful impacts by showing you care about fellow bloggers. Spend a few moments finding blogger names if folks use name-less posting; one quick trip to an About page does the trick. Remember to sign off with your name, too. Personalizing is a key to blog commenting success because bloggers remember bloggers who both remember their name and who sign off with names, too. We love folks who use names because doing so requires more care, more mindfulness, more intimacy, and a deeper bond, leading to stronger friendships. Use names. Comment effectively by sticking to this most simple of basics.

3: Comment on High Profile Niche Blogs

Comment on well-read blogs in your niche to gain the greatest exposure while befriending top niche bloggers. Target your blog commenting campaign to save time, energy, and heck, to blog effectively and efficiently. Why comment on blogs outside of your niche? Why comment on blogs with few readers? Connect with pros and gain exposure before large, loyal, communities. Target to blog intelligently. Think of your end game to meet and greet more bloggers and readers in your niche. Comment on high profile niche blogs to get the biggest blog commenting bang for your blog commenting buck.


Stick to the basics. Consider setting a timer to mindfully comment on blogs. Spend a few minutes crafting genuine comments to make the greatest impact. Give commenting time; all good things take time. Be patient, persistent, generous, and trusting to grow traffic and profits through authentic blog commenting.


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by Ryan Biddulph
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    Nice Post! Thank you for sharing these blog commenting basics. I think blog commenting is really powerful if done ina correct way. And also the easiest approach for newbie bloggers to promote their website. But don’t you think blog commenting is considered as spam activity?
    Keep up the good work…


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