3 Ideas to Keep in Mind Before Choosing to Blog

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Blogging rocks.

But blogging involves some serious work, folks.

This gig is fun, freeing, fulfilling and fear-filled sometimes. I need to share the rest of the story to fill in the gaps. We all know more than enough clowns, idiots or flat out liars claiming blogging is easy. Peep those dingbats who promise 7 figure incomes through blogging in one year. Other than the most ridiculously rare cases of folks with Buddha-like clarity, ya ain’t making millions through blogging until you put in 7-10 years of generous service.

3 Ideas to Keep in Mind Before Choosing to Blog

Keep these 3 ideas in mind before you begin blogging.

1: Blogging Is 1 Skill Involving Many Skills

Look no further than this blog post. I needed to hone my writing skills to pen this sucker. But I also needed to develop my networking skills to bond effectively with Vishwajeet. I need selling skills to sell this eBook effectively. Ditto for mental skills; so many bloggers fear promoting self, struggle and fail. One needs to build their skills to gain confidence and clarity enough to actually make money online.

Mastering all of these skills requires years of effort. Well worth it of course, but just prepare yourself to give years of your life to blogging. Blogging will pay you back handsomely, in return.

2: Blogging Requires Thousands of Hours of Effort

No one succeeds without putting in thousands of blogging hours. No short cuts exist. No blogger goes full time with 100 or 500 hours of effort. Flat out, it ain’t happening. Ponder all those skills you need to develop. How in the hell can you become a skilled writer, seller and networker in 1 week? Or even in, say, 52 weeks? Impossible. Nobody is that GOOD.

Expect to work 5,000 and more hours blogging-wise to get genuinely good at this gig. Guess what? I already published 10 guest posts today. But it’s just 8:00 PM on a weekend? Wow! How? I spent 15,000 plus hours blogging so I am skilled enough to create and publish 10 pieces of content daily. Or more.

Put in the time. Succeed. Grasp this simple fact before you buy your domain and hosting.

3: You Better Learn the Right Way to Blog from Professionals

Most bloggers flat out waste years of their lives blogging the wrong way. Why? Most bloggers follow their own advice. Never mind they know as much about blogging as Scrooge McDuck knows about being poor. These folks trudge forward, with zero blogging knowledge, do stupid stuff and fail for 1, 2 or 5 years…..or longer.

How can you address this painfully common problem? Buy courses form top bloggers. Read eBooks written by top bloggers. Take notes. Study the notes. Put the knowledge into action. Blog the right way.

I still have no clue why kids never consult pros for blogging advice before trying to go pro. Lunacy. This is like being a self-taught rocket scientist or self-taught brain surgeon. Good luck getting hired without formal schooling.

Ditto for succeeding with your blog. Good luck going pro by following your own inexperienced, completely clueless, amateur hour advice. Listen to the pros. We know how to teach you to succeed. Pay close attention to professional advice to blog the right way. Save year’s worth of time and headaches in the process.

Believe in yourself but be grounded in reality. Nobody succeeds over night. I guarantee that you will eventually succeed if you follow pro advice, generously help people and trust both in yourself and in the blogging process. Beyond that, you simply need to nudge into fears and to keep having fun to fuel yourself for this journey.

GO for it. Blogging rocks. Simply be prepared to put in the time, effort and energetic investment to take this blogging gig for the full distance.

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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “3 Ideas to Keep in Mind Before Choosing to Blog”

  1. Hey Ryan and vishwajeet ( VK ) ,

    Great post with good information. It is true that blogging require lots of hardwork and efforts. Blogging field really works great if having correct knowledge , ideas and skills. Trust and believe are very big things and we must have faith and believe on ourself.

    The listed ideas are truly important and must be kept in mind before selecting blog writing.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.


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