3 Steps for Blogging on a Budget

I wrote a blogging budget eBook to help shoestring bloggers get started.

Before anyone begins ventures, money is on thy mind. Even billionaires budget. People invest money in businesses, ventures and hobbies to help their opportunities blossom into something special.

Blogging on a Budget

Invest money to make money. Or, invest money to begin blogging intelligently. Sear this idea onto your mind if you want to begin blogging the right way. Do not give into fear. New bloggers sometimes feel fears related to financial investments, preferring to blog on free platforms, to take blogging for a spin. Guess what? Your blogging spin becomes a crash, a horrible accident, if you try to blog on a free platform. See yourself investing money in blogging to take the first step if you want to blog on a budget.

1: Forget Spend Think Invest

Every cent you invest in blogging pays immediate or future returns. Nobody is immune from this basic law. Nobody is immune from this core idea. Losers believe in losing or spending money because they fear exchanging money and getting nothing in return. Winners think in terms of investing money in blogging to see immediate and/or long term blogging returns. The $7 I spent on a domain and hosting 10 years ago positioned me to live the life I experience today. Develop a vision for your blogging budget. See your dream life in mind to understand that investing money now is a necessary step to blogging successfully.

2: Invest Only in a Domain and Hosting if Times Are Tight

If you only have a few dollars – literally – spend a few dollars monthly on a domain and hosting, and on nothing else. Bare bones budgets requires you invest on your hosting and domain to own your blog and to maximize earning and branding potential.

Do not bother blogging for free because free blogging is failed blogging 100% of the time. Nobody succeeds on free blogging platforms because free platforms give you little credibility and send readers to the hills.

Budget $5 to $7 per month to blogging if you are on the tightest of budgets. Minimum, you need a domain and hosting to blog intelligently and successfully.

3: Know Nothing In Life Is Free

Every single free app, platform or site you use:

  • contains 1/10th to half the functionality of premium versions; spend no money, lose functionality
  • charges an energy-work tax; Facebook is a free site and free traffic source that requires thousands of hours of generous effort, to use Facebook effectively

Budget bloggers bogged down by the heavy fear of losing money allow this deep fear to bleed into all aspects of their blogging campaign. Some want to use only free sites and methods with shortcuts to make success a quick, comfortable ride. But nothing in life is free. Earn success. Be generous with your time and talents. Spend a few more dollars on the app or tool to gain more functionality with the premium version. Understand that every free site or tactic you use requires generous service, detachment and trust, so you better believe you pay in terms of time and energy even if you paid nothing in terms of money.

I guest post on Vishwajeet’s blog for free, money-wise. But we both paid significant amounts of time, energy and service to bond with each other and to invite one another to guest post on each other’s blogs.

Nothing in life is free. Giving precedes getting.


You can become a successful blogger while blogging on a budget.

Be creative, invest money wisely and make a generous time and energy investment to succeed.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Hi Ryan,
    I like the concept of nothing is free in life, and that’s true, including blogging. You blog because you love you’re doing and ultimately want to make money from blogging. There is no way one can make a success of it without putting money into it. You must invest to cut the earning curve and reap the benefits.

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