5 Blogging Secrets Every Beginning Bloggers Must Know

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It takes less than 30 minutes to start a blog. Growing it is the hurdle many beginning bloggers face. 

If you were told they are blogging secrets that could make your journey smoother, and make blogging 10X easier, will you give them a shot?

If you start blogging with the right intention and information, you will find blogging a lot easier.


5 Blogging Secrets You Must Know Or You Will Learn Them The Hard Way

5 Blogging Secrets Every Beginning Bloggers Must Know

1. Create a Link Building Strategy

Linking Building has been the most tedious task in blogging. For beginners, they don’t even understand how to set the wheel rolling.

First, Shift your mindset from “If my content is good, They will link to it.” There are millions of content 10X better than yours and not getting backlinks from anywhere.

Backlinks are strong ranking factor search engines use to evaluate content quality. It might not be the only ranking factor, but it plays a significant role.

If you don’t set a link building strategy, you will end up doing random stuff to get backlinks; it doesn’t work that way.

Link building should be scalable, Practice a few strategies and keep up with them. Trying to implement 30 link building techniques will lead to total failure.

Apart from writing valuable content, Building backlinks is the only way to increase your organic blog traffic. 

There are no easy ways to get backlinks. Sticking with a few methods works best. For beginning bloggers, Try these 3 methods:

  • HARO Link Building
  • Active Guest Posting
  • Networking (More about this below)

2. Networking is Super Essential

Networking with other bloggers in your niche is vital. It helps you become a viral sensation in the blogging industry.

Blogging is boring if you are playing your game alone. Most bloggers are lone-wolf. But, It would help if you started building your packs from day one – They will motivate you to keep blogging.

Creating bonds with other bloggers will help increase your productivity 10X better. I was lucky that Ryan Biddulph told me this in my first week of blogging.

Most bloggers won’t tell you the power of networking; they only tell you blogging tips that are not actionable. Most of my most potent backlinks came from my blogging buddies.

Networking also opens doors for guest posting. You will be granted opportunities to contribute to prominent blogs, which won’t have been possible. Consistent blog commenting has been the most potent way to grab other bloggers’ attention.

Start making friends with bloggers in your niche, Below are the strategy I have tried, and they still work:

  • Link To Them From your Blog and Notify Them
  • Share their Content on Social Media
  • Drop Valuable Comments on their Blog Consistently
  • Ask them questions on Social Media (Preferably Twitter)

3. Promotion Should Be your Strong Point

If you leave your content to find readers on its own, it will behave like a fart in the wind. Creating a content promotion strategy is essential. 

Have you heard about the 80/20 rule? 

Where 20% goes for content creation, while 80% goes for promotion. That’s just an indication that content promotion is also essential as content creation.

As a new blogger, it’s acceptable to get overwhelmed with writing blog posts and ignore the promotion. This is a mistake that must be avoided.

Bonus: Networking still works as a content promotion strategy. Your blogging friends will promote your content for you.

If you are struggling with content promotion, You should start with using Viral Content Bee. It’s a social media promotion platform where cross-promotion is at its peak. You share others’ content, and they share yours too.

4. Content isn’t King, Quality Content is!

There’s a big difference between “Content” and “Quality Content.” I know you have heard a lot that “Content is King.” It’s true but needs more clarification.

It’s better to publish 1 quality and informative post than to publishing 10 garbage. Of Course, You can publish as much as you want if they are valuable.

Don’t start blogging with the intention that you need to write more content than your competitors. Instead, Focus on producing more valuable content than your competitors. Even if it means you hire a freelance writer.

Simply put, Quality over Quantity.

Your content must be the final destination of the searchers, a post worth bookmarking. You must leave no stone unturned.

5. Be Ready for a Long Journey

This is a big Blogging secret; Be prepared for a long journey. Even though blogging is a better career option, it’s not a get rich quick scheme.

Most bloggers started with the intention that blogging is a fast way to raise money to settle their debt. Allow me to burst your bubble; it will take longer than you expected.

The successful bloggers you see today earning $10,000+ per month have started blogging for over 5 years. No shortcuts in blogging!.

Blogging is more than just picking a niche, writing content, or finding brilliant blog names. It has been a big game-changer for many.

See it like any other business. You must be ready to put in real hard work and consistency before you achieve your goals.

Blogging isn’t for achieving short term goals. Think about bringing value to the table; shift your mindset from making money to delivering top-notch content to your audience.

Conclusion On Blogging Secrets (Not Secret Anymore)

These are not Blogging secrets. They are things to put in mind while creating your blog. You won’t make money overnight. You won’t become known overnight.

Blogging is a marathon, Not a Sprint. It’s not a race of who gets there first. It’s a race of who is still relevant in the next 10 years.

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by Folajomi Ballo
Folajomi Ballo is A Digital Marketer and A Premium Content Writer. He is the Founder of Huge Step Up, where he teaches Actionable Blogging Tips and SEO techniques. You can reach him on Twitter.

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