Are You Handcuffed by this Common Blogging Income Limiting Belief?

As I promote my eBook:

Blogging for Beginners: 6 Tips to Help You Avoid the Nightmares I Faced

I think about a common blogging boo boo related to income, for beginners and pros alike. Most bloggers have a tough time accepting the fact that passive income can flow easily to them. Some do not believe passive income is even possible. Most of us grow up working jobs. Most of us grow up around parents who work jobs. We believe that you earn money by working a specific amount of hours. Work. Get paid a salary. Simple.

Passive income totally blows a new blogger’s mind. Bloggers love the idea of making money while they sleep. But after 7 months of generously creating content and building connections, sometimes, passive income sales do not flow their way. What gives? In some cases, maybe you did not do enough creating and connecting. In other cases, you cling to a strong fear that no way can passive income be possible. Work. Get paid. That makes sense. But how can you work for 7 months, for free, not getting paid via one passive eBook or course sale?

Most bloggers quit at this point. A few move forward, trying to figure out what they are doing wrong. Sometimes you are doing something wrong but all the time, you are BEING someone who makes no money through passive income channels, versus BEING the person who prospers from a passive income perspective.

The Problem

Fear. You need to face, feel and release the fear that passive income is impossible for you. Virtually all bloggers need to work for months before seeing a passive income sale, because you need enough skills and exposure to be in enough spots for boosting your passive profits. My eBook and course sales did not grow steadily until I helped folks for free with my content for hundreds to thousands of hours. During this time frame, most bloggers fear it is not possible to make passive income because it they worked for months, and saw no dough. Being frustrated and fear-filled, losing faith in self, they quit.

A select few trust deeply in self, do not panic, keep giving freely, generously help people and eventually make a staggering fortune in passive blogging income. First, you need to face these fears of passive income being impossible. After feeling these energies, you progressively feel like yep, it’s possible. Then it feels probable. Then, you feel that earning passive income is a certainty.

Follow Passive Pros

Even if you have yet to make a cent through passive streams, follow pros who earn steady income through eBooks, courses and affiliate marketing. Study their ways. Look to them for inspiration. These folks show you that you too can earn a steady income through passive channels if you work at it. No one hands you anything but if you generously help people and trust in the process, consistent blogging income will find you.

Leave your employee mindset behind. Gone are the days of getting paid based on working for a specific period of time. Passive income never works that way but if you put in the work, you too can succeed and earn through this fun, freeing income channel.