Are You Trying to Sell Meat to a Vegetarian on Your Blog?


During my trip to India in 2013 I feasted at many veg restaurants.

My wife Kelli has been a vegetarian for over a decade. I prefer to eat vegetarian food in places like India and Thailand, where options abound.

I imagine many folks from meat-centric countries like Australia and different pockets of the USA – think South and Midwest – could have a difficult time finding a burger or steak in India, because cows are sacred throughout much of the country. I did not find a burger until I traveled to Kerala, a different region from the rest of the country.

Are You Trying to Sell Meat to a Vegetarian on Your Blog

Imagine trying to sell meat at any one of these pure veg restaurants? Nobody would buy. For good reason; vegetarians do not eat meat, nor have any inclination to eat meat. Veg restaurant owners would go out of business trying to force vegetarian customers to eat flesh. You need to give the people what they want to make them happy and to grow a thriving business.

Some bloggers make the critical, similar error of trying to force meat down a vegetarian’s throat, via their blogging strategy and struggle horribly. Imagine me trying to sell my eBook:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

to an audience of bloggers who hate travel? These homebodies would mostly ignore my eBook because island hopping to them means traveling from the island in their kitchen to the island in the living room; island, meaning the large, bar-like structure sometimes seen in homes. A few folks may buy the eBook for the basic fundamentals I share but most would skip over it because they do not want to travel.

Of course, I built up a following of bloggers who want to travel so you betcha these folks enjoy buying my eBook. But I had to patiently and generously build a blog and brand appealing to aspiring island hoppers, from travel bloggers begging to go full time, to bloggers who just want to travel more for enjoying the world around them.

How did you monetize your blog? Make sure you only create and sell courses and eBooks that solve the specific problems suffered by your readers. I had seen enough amateur travel bloggers fed up with working full time jobs just to fund their travels. I wrote the eBook to help these cats retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. More than a few other bloggers not obsessed with travel but wanting to see the world bought my eBook, too.

Ask your readers what they want and simply observe their problems before creating any premium product or service. Dial in. Clearly see their most pressing needs. Never spitball it, creating something you want to create, because who knows if THEY want it, too? The best way to sell something easily is to listen closely to people who would buy it. Pay attention to the needs of your readers. Note their struggles. Ask them what you can create for them. My readers told me to keep writing simple, practical eBooks, so I kept writing such eBooks, which sell.

Never try to sell meat to a pure veg fan, via your blog. Cater to their needs. Spare the mutton, fish and chicken. Offer a pure veg menu to keep them around and give your readers what they want thru your premium offerings to boost your blogging income.


Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Ryan,

    As usual, I liked your way of presenting the idea of perfect blogging. It’s every blogger’s responsibility and motto to deliver what their audience needs. You have neatly matched it with your feasted experience in India. That’s a special thing about Ryan’s content ideas that I always inspire. Great!


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