Be Your Own Blogging Cheerleader

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Be your own blogging cheerleader.

Sometimes you need to be your own cheerleader. All successful bloggers reach points of their careers when they go solo. Your friend network supports you but some fears need to be faced by you, and you alone, to reach the next level.


We are all in this together but to reach the top you need:

  • independence
  • drive
  • intent versus motivation

Be Your Own Blogging Cheerleader

Most bloggers fail because they need motivation, all the time. You cannot be great if you need someone or something to remind you to be great or to goad you to be great. No great blogger has an army of cheerleaders around them because greatness flows from within.

Be your own cheerleader.

Millions But Madness

I have seen a few millionaire YouTubers recently do interviews. One colorful character made millions of dollars last year but is a bit mad, or, off. He seems like a nice enough dude but it is easy to see much of what he does is an act, schtick, just to try to be popular, or to try to get people to love him. Until he accepts himself he cannot be happy with himself, or well.

Such bloggers and video guys and gals obsess with finding cheerleaders, or people who motivate them to keep going and succeeding. Their success does not flow from within so it is not genuine, heart felt and lasting. Plus a genuine unhappiness overcomes them because people and their opinions change, so their motivators are fleeting, changing and fickle. In essence, these people live in the hell of judging and basing their lives on the number of Facebook Likes they get, which is depressing, deflating and damaging to self.

Most people who look for constant motivation struggle and fail horribly because lasting, loving, happy success does not flow outside-in, but rather, inside-out. The few who make millions outside-in through sheer willpower encounter endless mental and physical problems because they are looking for cheerleaders to keep them going, or they are seeking for outside approval, desperately clinging for popularity and vanity metrics.

This leads to worldly success but depressed feelings. Not a good combo.

Genuinely great, happy, dynamo bloggers find their driver from within. The folks hold true to an intent, not seeking outside approval, popularity or any other driver outside of themselves.

I never need cheerleaders or cheerleading when I am in the groove.  Once in a blue moon I feel good getting a little push from my blogging buddies but I am my own cheerleader. I blog for the love of blogging, not for outside influences, and certainly not for love and popularity, from others.

Believe in You

Believe in yourself. Dig deep and trust in yourself and in the blogging process when things seem tough.

Follow your fun. Take an uncomfortable path and be sure to do what resonates with you. By believing deeply in self you cultivate an unstoppable nature because no matter what happens outside of you it cannot stop your believe, your passion and your love of blogging, from within.

Do Not Give Up

I know blogging feels tough sometimes. Perhaps you feel entirely lost and hopeless. Or maybe you put in serious time and just cannot seem to make any progress.

Do not give up. See the journey through. Cheerlead yourself through these difficult times. Urge yourself on. All pro bloggers need to wade through some rough periods solo to pay their online success tuition. I had to pay this price. Everybody who goes pro has to pay this price. This is a simple, but sometimes uncomfortable, part of the blogging journey.

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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Be Your Own Blogging Cheerleader”

  1. I completely agree with you Ryan.

    Happiness & love flows inside-out. The truth is everyone is busy with their own lives and happenings, and it’s not fair for me to expect someone to come and cheer me up. So, always I keep my goals and motives handy to get my work done. Yeah! I appreciate myself for every small achievement.

    Thanks for this amazing write-up buddy!.

  2. Hi, Ryan,

    It’s good to always appreciate oneself and celebrate the small wins without expecting anyone to cheer you up. Everyone is busy looking for solutions to his/her problem, so never expect from others.

    Be yourself, be happy with where you’re while finding the path to the future you seek.

    Thanks for sharing.


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