What a Kriya Yoga Master Taught Me About Being a Blogging Mentor

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As you may know by now, I follow a strict energy management routine daily. Usually, I spend 4 hours doing different types of yoga, meditating, exercising and yep, I take a short cold shower twice daily, too. Kriya yoga vibes with me. Big-time. I do 3 sessions daily. My favorite guru is Sri Yukteswar. He would likely be as famous in India as luminaries like Sai Baba of Shirdi but he delivered a non-censored, honest, direct teaching style. Of course, he treated people with love as all God-realized, enlightened souls, do. But he did not mince words and told the truth in a straight forward fashion, bruising egos along the way.

What a Kriya Yoga Master Taught Me About Being a Blogging Mentor

My favorite piece of advice from this enlightened being is how he disseminated his advice. His quote on offering advice is priceless:

“Take it or leave it”.

As a blogging mentor, following his advice helped me to detach from forcing people to follow my advice. After offering insight, I adopt this attitude. Take it or leave it. It makes no difference to me. Sri taught how he does not expect, desire or want anything from anybody, a foundation of pure happiness, bliss, and peace of mind. I intend to follow this path; even though challenging sometimes, LOL! I belong to no one. No one belongs to me. We are independent of each other. We make personal choices. I no longer attempt to force anyone to follow my advice because insanity follows. No human can control another human. We cannot control another person’s mind. Why drive yourself crazy telling people how they need to trust you, they need to follow your advice and they will suffer and make terrible mistakes, by not following your advice?

All prior mindsets waste your time because whether or not someone follows your advice is THEIR choice, not YOUR decision. Take it or leave it. It makes no difference to me. I do not debate bloggers who debate my advice. I tell the truth. My advice works because it works for me and also works for other bloggers. But if you doubt it, that’s your fault, your choice, your decision, and your path, and it’s your right as a human being to make your own choices. I am OK with that because I need nothing from you and I need not your approval, or your love, or your criticism. I blog with love and generously help bloggers but what bloggers do with my help is their choice.

Thinking like this Kriya yoga master accelerates your blogging success because you detach from people after helping them, to help more people, to do more creating, to drive more traffic, to make more money and to increase your exposure, all because you conquered the fear of trying to manipulate someone, to do your will. Guaranteed, a hefty percentage of bloggers today will waste minutes or hours trying to CONVINCE one client, customer or stranger online TO FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE…OR ELSE! Meanwhile, during those minutes and hours you waste trying to force someone to listen to your advice and follow it, I write 1, 2 or 5 guest posts, accelerating my success as I gain massive exposure, all because I adopt a general “take it or leave it” approach, blogging advice wise.

I have no time to waste time. I have no energy to waste energy. Take my blogging advice or leave it. Your choice. I am just on to the next blog post, guest post, comment, and person, gliding through the day, being at peace with life.

Take it or leave it.


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  • 38
by Ryan Biddulph
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2 thoughts on “What a Kriya Yoga Master Taught Me About Being a Blogging Mentor”

  1. Great advice, Ryan, it is what I do as well. Do what you love, no expectation brings peace. Take it or leave it. Some will take it from you, some from another one. There is enough for everyone. We live in an abundant universe.
    Thank you, Ryan and Vishwajeet 🙂


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