Best Ways to Choose Right Words for Essay Writing

We often face difficulty in selecting the right words while writing an important piece of information like an essay for the school assessment, for the scholarship, or a competition.

But not anymore. We are here to provide you with the best ways to choose right words for essay writing. So, if you want to know the secret, start reading the information given below.

Ways to Choose Right Words for Essay Writing

Selection of the Best

  • 5 ways to choose the right words for essay writing:
  • To sum up.

Selection of the Best

If you are about to write an essay, take a pause, click here, and read out some of the best ways to select the right words for your essay project that will leave a mark on the reader’s mind.

5 ways to choose the right words for essay writing

Simplicity is the Best Policy

Start with your essay by keeping in mind one thing that your essay’s language should be simple. Don’t use new, different, or difficult words to impress the reader. Because unfortunately, your professor won’t think this way.

This is because your audience doesn’t want a dictionary as a constant companion when reading what you’ve written. So, by adding technical jargon and big words to attract your audience, you might confuse them.

Therefore, keeping it simple, precise, and easier to understand will do a better job than filling your essay with fancy words.

Sound Confident

Whether you are using simple words or the difficult ones, easy words or new and big ones, you must ensure your writing sounds confident and it should look like you are aware of everything that you have written in the essay.

Use words whose meaning is clear to you and make sure your essay has words related to the title that can add strength, power, and credibility to the essay. This will show your awareness about the topic and your self-confidence too.

Avoid Repetition

While it is common to reuse phrases and words while writing a lengthy piece of information, but when you have to submit something for assessment or it holds huge value for you, you must avoid repeating words in such essays.

Like you may have used ‘thus’ every time you were concluding a sentence. Instead, you should write ‘hence’ and ‘therefore’ in certain places that will enhance the quality of your essay without compromising the meaning of any sentence.

Never use Slangs, Abbreviations, or Informal Words

Slangs and informal words are a big no-no when it comes to writing an or any essay. Also, it is very crucial to keep in mind that you must avoid using abbreviations as much as you can.

Remember that using contractions such as “don’t, can’t, won’t” etc., any slang words or phrases such as “feeling blue, couch potato, down to earth, cold shoulder” etc., and colloquial terms such as “fetch, reckon, yonder” etc., is not allowed in academic writing.

This is because using them looks insincere, irresponsible, and impolite in such writings.

Use transitioning words

Using transition words such as ‘on the other hand’, ‘on the contrary’, ‘also’, ‘however’, ‘but’ etc., can be very effective in creating a smooth and impactful transition from one sentence to another just like how you desire.

Using them is beneficial because they provide a connection, continuity, and flow in two ideas and theories and connect all the dots of the information making it look more professional and thoughtfully crafted.

And that is how you can make your essay more impactful and a delight to read.

To Sum Up

The best way to choose the right words for essay writing is by avoiding repetition, slang, abbreviations, and big words that might sound informal to use while writing a formal essay.

It is better to go for easy and simple words, words you are confident with, transition words, and all the words that connect with the title of the essay and don’t look like they have been forcefully put up there.

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