Blogging Doubt: Good or Bad?

Good, when someone tries to shovel BS down your throat. Doubt liars who say blogging is getting rich quick.

Bad, when you doubt yourself and doubt sound, proven blogging advice.

How do you know when to doubt someone and when to trust someone? That is the 64 million dollar question. Trust your intuition. If someone generously offers top-shelf advice, listens to their readers and basically says you need to spend thousands of hours patiently creating and connecting, trusting yourself and trusting in the blogging process, yep, trust this person. Believe in them. Move your doubt to the side. But if a blogger promises you can get rich quick through blogging, doubt them. Do not believe them for one second. Anybody who says becoming a professional blogger is easy simply lies through their teeth because here I am at 11 PM on a Friday night writing this guest post after working most of the day. Does that sound easy to you?

I love blogging. I have fun helping people. But working for 8-10 hours daily for years in a row feels challenging sometimes.  Blogging is no joke. So anybody who says blogging is easy simply lies to you. Blogging does get easier and easier if you practice like mad, create like crazy and help people, building your blogger friend network. But easier does not mean easy.  Easier just means blogging gets easier and easier when you become highly skilled at blogging. But becoming highly skilled means putting in thousands of hours of blogging work, even when you feel uncomfortable doing so.

Never doubt bloggers who speak straight, being honest with you. Success is yours. You can and will succeed but only after you put in the time and effort to become successful. Implicitly trust bloggers who give away oodles of information for free. Bloggers who have nothing to hide and who help you for free simply boost their credibility because they prove that they are trustworthy, through the very fact that they give out so much helpful, useful free content. You just know their premium stuff rocks around the clock, right? Trust these folks. They are good money. No sense doubting someone who tells you like it is.

But what about doubting yourself? NEVER DO THAT! I doubted myself so much 2 days after I bought my domain and hosting that I panicked and almost quit blogging. I wanted to get a refund. Who was I to believe I could blog successfully? I had no experience with blogging, internet marketing or being an entrepreneur. Thank goodness my wife Kelli walked me off of the ledge and explained how many folks new to a venture cling to similar doubts. She walked me through the journey and has been a rock ever since.

Believe in yourself, always. You need that deep, powerful belief in self to do anything with your blog and business because folks sense your lack of belief and run away from you, choosing instead to follow empowered, inspired bloggers who believe in themselves.


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