Dig Deeper Guys I Believe in You

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Hey, let’s be honest guys.

Every blogger has access to millions of helpful, sound, practical blogging tips. Smart tips. Create and connect. All that good jazz.

But why is the blogging failure rate sky-high? People have the tools. But people fear using tools. Folks lose motivation. Folks have the wrong motivators. Money. Fame. But on the deepest level, belief is where this gig begins, and ends. If you believe, you will succeed. If not, you will look for every reason in the book to fail, or you will give up and quit at the drop of a hat. Point blank, the easiest way to succeed is to believe in yourself and to nudge through fears. The toughest way to succeed is to doubt yourself, to quit, and to start over again, 10, 20 or 40 times. Don’t laugh. Bloggers do this. Begin. Quit. Begin. Quit. Stupid many times, over 10 years. I have seen it. First hand.

Dig Deeper Guys I Believe in You

I believe in you. Dig deeper, guys. Hell yeah, this blogging journey feels so tough. I have struggled horribly on and off for many years but I DID NOT GIVE UP and I DO NOT GIVE UP. I am probably the most persistent, relatively well-known blogger on earth. Seriously. I do not give up. I dig deeper. Hell yeah, my blogging journey feels uncomfortable sometimes. Hell yeah, my blogging journey feels comfortable sometimes. But I believe in myself.

I believe in you, too. Imagine me being a bang stick that they use to shock sharks, to move ’em along. I can give you a little shock to move you along. From there, begin believing in yourself. Give yourself a little nudge. You’re reading these words. Big time start. Count your wins. Give yourself a little win-celebration, every time you do something that you feared doing. That is a WIN! Big time. Doubt dies a little bit more in your being. Love grows a little bit more in your being. Faith expands. Belief expands.

I believe in you. Even if you do not believe in yourself blogging-wise, I know you can succeed. We do not engage in brain surgery or rocket science or I am not asking you to be an astrophysicist, guys. Blogging is simple. Many moving parts, of course, but none is terribly difficult to master. BUT…darn this journey gets uncomfortable because during certain stretches, when you need to face fear after fear, blogging feels like a house of horrors. Like a freaking nightmare. Like a haunted house for bloggers. In those moments, fear tries to shake you. Fear tries to make you doubt yourself. Ego tries to tell you what you cannot do.

Feel fear. Be with it. Allow your mind to race, like a roadrunner drinking 30 espressos. Then, when the fear runs itself out, and stops trying to shake you out, you believe in self just a little bit more. I believe in you. Dig deeper. Even if you do not believe in yourself and doubt yourself at every turn, I know deep down, to my core, that you can succeed. You can and will succeed but you need to believe in yourself as much as I believe in myself.

My suggestions: Begin meditating and doing Kriya yoga. For starters. I spend 70 minutes daily between both practices. 30 minutes meditating. 30-40 minutes Kriya yoga. Both rituals expand your awareness so you can unearth, face, feel and release fears fueling your doubts and strangling your self-belief.


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  • 21
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