Do You Fall Like a House of Cards if Someone Questions Your Pricing?

As a rule of thumb, having posture in pricing terms distances you from most bloggers because most fall like a house of cards if someone questions their pricing. How do you feel if someone claims your product and/or service pricing seems expensive? Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed? Do you feel defensive? Do you agree, and lower your pricing? In every case, if you do not feel relaxed, calm, poised and clear on your pricing, you fear you charge too much and will have a helluva time selling successfully online and turning a steady profit. Top bloggers get clear on pricing to the point of having posture; if someone says you are too expensive, you do not bother responding because you know their poverty consciousness has nothing to do with your pricing structure.

Do You Fall Like a House of Cards if Someone Questions Your Pricing

But feeling bad or defensive indicates you have some clearing to do because feeling bad, or, wanting to fight or debate someone on your pricing, shows you need to feel and release pricing-related fears. Some bloggers are so terrified to lose money – or to miss the opportunity to make money – that they drop their sponsored post and advertising pricing to a few dollars, doing the terrible, poverty-inducing thing of devaluing everything they do for, literally, $5. You can give someone a price break – rarely – if you vibe with them and if it feels super abundant, but if you find yourself routinely bartering with broke people, you fall like a house of cards and align yourself with struggle, lack, limitation, and tire kickers. Never mind struggling horribly in the finances department. If you completely devalue yourself, your products and your services because you fear losing money, you emit a poverty vibe that aligns with cheapies, guaranteeing your struggle and failure.

Have posture. Value what you have to offer. Folks will value what you have to offer but first, you need to value what you offer and have posture if someone questions your pricing. Cheap people afraid to spend money deem products and services as being expensive, or, too expensive. Guess what? Cheap people have nothing to do with you, the value you offer and the pricing you choose to charge. Whether you ignore their poverty consciousness or trust their fear of spending money is your choice, but their mental issues and fears have nothing to do with your value and the pricing of the valuable products and services you have to offer. Either you ignore their silliness or allow their mental poison to get into your head; always your choice.

You need to face, feel and release fears, in order to get clear on your pricing. Someone may appear to bother, agitate or upset you by complaining about the price of your course or eBook but simply triggered some fear in you about what you have to offer. Be with uncomfortable emotions. Clear the fears. Feel clear on your product and service pricing. Make more money.


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  1. Great insights Ryan. I think you have covered the most crucial part of bloghing.
    As a new blogger it was challanging for me to fix a rational pricing. But now it’s clear to me. Thanks much

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    While I am seeing that I mind confused about this question What does the idiom a house of cards mean?

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