Do You Fall Prey to Blogging Hype?

“Make 6 figures blogging this year!”

“Life your dreams fast!”

“Succeed quickly!”

If you have been online for a minute, you heard the BS claims. Are you a sucker for blogging hype? Do dishonest bloggers pull you in? Do these dirtbags lasso you with their disgusting lies? Blogging is not getting rich quick. Blogging is a skill requiring years of practice to develop to the professional, full-time level.

The slithery snake oil salesmen masquerading as bloggers condition you to believe blogging is easy, a breeze, but I guarantee you that if blogging were easy, all bloggers would be millionaires. Fear, greed, and desperation make human beings do stupid stuff. Like believing you can get rich quick overnight, through blogging.

Do You Fall Prey to Blogging Hype

My friend Alonzo Pichardo and I repeatedly tell you how no online business – let alone blogging – get rich quick. Never, ever believe people who offer all hype and no substance. If you do believe these folks you better know your fear masked as greed and/desperation goads you to make the worst decision of your life.

Think about it for even one minute; if blogging is as easy as hypesters say it is, every blogger who blogged would succeed easily. All bloggers would become millionaires in 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. Even better? No blogger would struggle. We all would blog on easy street.

But blogging for 10 seconds, you see a different story. Blogging is not easy for new bloggers. Blogging BECOMES easy for bloggers who blog 10,000 to 15,000 hours because 15,000 hours of practice make you incredibly skilled at blogging. I publish 5 or more guest posts daily. I also publish 4-5 video and text posts on my blog.

But I only publish this much content because I practiced blogging for 15,000 hours. Blogging seems easy now and blogging is easy for me, but goodness knows, blogging felt terribly tough sometimes, during those 15,000 hours of practice.

15,000 hours ago, I had a horrible time writing and publishing a 300-word blog post. But after 1,000 hours of blogging, the writing flowed more smoothly. Now, after hitting the 15K number, blogging is easy. But you need to keep blogging through difficult times in order to succeed.

Blogging through tough times ain’t easy, at all. Keep at it. Blog. See the journey through. You can and will succeed. But never trust bloggers who make bold claims, who promise big profits or who say blogging is getting rich quick. Blogging is getting rich slowly and patiently.

Retiring to the Tropics?

I help bloggers retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. Big dream, eh? Hell yeah! But I constantly remind you that I put in a movie worthy effort to live a movie worthy life. If you want to live your incredible dreams you need to put forth an incredible, intelligent, generous effort. Give.

Receive. Sums it up, in a nutshell. People want to be on the beach next to me in Fiji, but most bloggers have no interest in blogging for 10,000 plus hours to get there. Folks want to ball like me in Bali, but most bloggers have no interest in facing their deepest fears, again and again, to get there.

Live your dreams by putting in a dream-worthy effort. People who make big promises but offer no helpful advice cannot be trusted. Bloggers who make big claims and say you can take easy shortcuts flat out lie to you.

Listen to folks who succeed by working intelligently, generously and persistently because these bloggers tell the truth. Follow honest pros. Pay close attention to their counsel. Track authentic bloggers. Note specifically how these folks always seem to be helping people all day long. Give. Get.

Let go greedy, desperate bloggers. Follow genuine, generous bloggers.

Live your dreams.


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2 thoughts on “Do You Fall Prey to Blogging Hype?”

  1. Ha! I was pulled in years ago when I first started. This was back when you could publish a 75-word post a day and make some money with sponsored posts. Yeah, that long ago lol!

    Blogging is definitely not easy. I had to learn the hard way but after you get that hang of things and set realistic timeframes things become more enjoyable.

    I publish nowhere near as many posts as you do Ryan. You are a machine! Pretty sure I still have a ways to go to get to 15.000 hours too. I’m on it and will start tracking my time because I do spend a lot of time creating content and you just sparked something where I really want to know exactly how much time I’m putting in.

    Take care

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