Do You Let Cheap People Price Your Products and Services?

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I scanned one of my audio books today. I noticed someone left me a 1-star review. He mentioned buying the eBook was a complete waste of money. I checked the price: $6.95 USD. Hmmmm….what do we know about a human being who believes you can actually waste $7? We know he has a severe poverty consciousness.

We also know he is broke. Worst off, he is an incredible cheapie, being a miser, complaining about wasting money on an excellent eBook priced under 7 smackers. The problem is most bloggers allow cheap, poverty conscious people to get into their heads, to influence their pricing and to eat into their profits.

Do You Let Cheap People Price Your Products and Services

I could care less about audio book pricing because Audible chooses these numbers, based on the length of the audio book, time-wise. But pricing for all else, I do, for my blogging campaign.

As a rule of thumb, I price things keeping an idea in my mind: be as generous with yourself as you are generous with other human beings. I am super duper generous with people by giving away oodles of free content, so I am super duper generous with myself in terms of charging for products and services.

But more than that, I NEVER let cheap SOBs price my products and services because of their complaints, whinings, and cheapness, because why in the goodness would I let a person terrified of losing money influence my blogging career? Seriously; did you ever think of pricing that way? WAY too many bloggers encounter a cheap person terrified to lose money.

Cheapie moans and whines about the blogger charging so and so for a product or service. Blogger with zero posture falls like a house of cards, dropping his pricing or her pricing out of fear that the price is too expensive, or people cannot afford it.

Really? Do you want to dictate your blogging career, your dreams, your life and your freedom on the deluded opinion of a cheap person terrified of losing money? Do you believe Jeff Bezos became the wealthiest man on earth because he based his entire pricing model on the insane delusions of the cheapest people on earth?

Nope. But drilling deeper, be honest about your pricing model. Did a cheap clown get into your head? Own it. The moron who said 7 bucks was a complete waste of money is so far gone that I did not give him a second thought. Anybody who complains about wasting 7 bucks is off their rocker, loony and not worth 1 second of my time. Unless I write a blog post about him 🙂

Blog with posture. Price with posture. Check out my eBook:

10 Ways that Traveling Promotes Your Online Success

I price it at $6.99, or a little under 7 USD. That is nothing. Especially considering all the folks I helped generously over my decade online. I am generous with people.

I am generous with myself. But if some cheap person came along and complained about losing or wasting or spending 7 bucks, I ignore his madness, laugh at his poverty consciousness and simply move on, giving all of my attention and energy to helping people freely, uplifting folks and being generous with you and myself to better help us all. Give freely, receive easily.

Plus, being generous with people makes fans out of your readers. Readers who become rapid fans pay anything to access your products and services. No problems with these folks. Establish your pricing for them, and you will have no problems becoming a prospering, successful professional blogger.

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by Ryan Biddulph
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