Do You Need to Slow Down as a Blogger?

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Slowing down can have wonderful effects on your blogging campaign. Any errors dissolve in mindfully, slowly, and patiently addressing causes of mistakes. Imagine you struggle terribly to drive blog traffic but have no idea how to address the problem. Frustration sets in. Push harder, you think. Blog longer.

Spend more time blogging. But nothing changes. Traffic numbers even begin to drop. Huh? What gives? Why do your blogging struggles persist? Why do you feel angry and flat out deflated with your blogging campaign? I will tell ya why: speed kills.

Do You Need to Slow Down as a Blogger

Blogging speed kills blogging campaigns because rushing through your blogging day mindlessly leads to struggles, failure, and quitting. Speed leads to a hurry. Hurry is fear. Fear-filled blogging brings fear-filled results. Why? How can you blog generously, intelligently, and successfully if you run around like a chicken with your head cut off? How can you spot, assess, and solve blogging problems if you hurriedly try to plow through the problem mindlessly? Picture having the blogging traffic problem mentioned above.

In order to solve the problem, one must slowly, deliberately, patiently and calmly spot the cause of the problem. Slowing down and observing how you fear guest posting indicates the root of your traffic issues. Slowing down and building bonds, improving your writing skills, and accepting guest post invites lead to guest posts and increased blog traffic.

Following each step patiently and generously takes time, meaning you need to take your time, blogging slowly, to guest post the right way.

Lost blogging souls do NOT slow down to guest post the right way (ignoring relationship-building and practicing writing skills), hurriedly, desperately, greedily and speedily pitching guest post opportunities to as many blogging strangers as humanly possible. Again, blogging speed kills.

I ignore or charge money for any guest post pitching stranger because strangers with no writing skills do not occupy my time and strangers with skills pay money to get exposure on my blog.

But if bloggers slowly practice their writing skills and bond with me by helping me, I eventually either invite them to guest post or agree to their guest posting pitch. Go slowly to win.

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Slowing down allows you to spot mistakes. Slowing down gives you clarity. Slowing down reveals the errors made by rushing, hurrying, and sprinting through your blogging campaign. Knowing why you err, finding blogging solutions is quite easy. No blogging error is difficult to find and solve.

Traffic and profits issues plague most bloggers but the solution is simple: be generous. Help as many people for free as humanly possible. Write and publish blog posts and guest posts. Broadcast live.

Record podcasts. Record and upload videos. None seem like rocket science to me but if you wildly, desperately sprint through your blogging day, guaranteed, you never spot and solve blogging problems because hurried bloggers blind themselves to both blogging problems and solutions. Slow down to be mindful.

Slow down to calm down. Slow down to enjoy the journey, too. Some bloggers experience worldly success but fear losing it all, hustling like mad bloggers to preserve everything and to greedily gobble up more traffic and profits.

Who cares if you profit when you lose your peace of mind? Slow down. Calm down. Spot and solve blogging mistakes. Enjoy the blogging journey. Practice meditation to slow down. Improve mindfulness by doing Kriya yoga. Follow a mindset training ritual daily to sharpen your mental tools. Slow down, calm down, love the ride, and succeed online.

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by Ryan Biddulph
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  1. Ryan,

    A small but very effective tip that most of the bloggers tend to ignore or they miss the importance of observing the best around them.

    I have been in the same situation but I’m trying to fix all the mistakes I have made.

    Love the post.



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