Does Past Performance Predict Future Results?

Yes and no. Everything depends on how you felt during the past performance and how much performing aka work you did. Did ya have fun? Did you generously help people and trust in the process for thousands of hours? Oh heck yeah, sweet online business success is on the way. But imagine, for a second, if you barely worked. Imagine if you lazily mailed it in like a sloth, wanting something for nothing, putting in a half-hearted, lifeless effort. Does scant past performance mean you will struggle horribly forever? Of course not! At any time, you can change your past performance from lazybones to generous, industrious bloggers. Everything depends on you and your energy.

Does Past Performance Predict Future Results

Choose to be present, right here, right now. Whatever you did in the past set up your success if you spent a lotta time generously helping people but you need to keep generously helping people to succeed. But do not give up, feeling hopeless, if you put forth a poor blogging effort in the past or if you worked your butt off but struggled because your fear-filled, forced energy brought you terrible results, business-wise. The most important moment is….the…moment. Right now is all that matters guys. Nothing beyond now matters. All of your power is in the present. Doesn’t that feel promising? Literally, every moment, you get to wipe the slate clean and proceed from an energized, focused, increasing energy that helps mold your future results. Technically, the past and future do not even exist because time is an illusion. But since I am not a guru or spiritual master, I, like you, think in terms of future and past, and past and future, much of the time. Just remember this; who you are being now energetically influences your future. The past is done and never returns. The future is a ghost that never really arrives. All you have is the moment, and when you generously help people at the moment, you will succeed with your online business.

What’s the rub? Letting go of anything you did in the past to feel awesome, generous and abundant in the present. Most bloggers who struggle painfully lament all the blogging work and generous help they put forth in the past. Guess what, guys? If you complain about helping people in the past, the work was not generous. The work was actually stingy, self-centered, conditional, with a heavy emphasis on outcomes, trying to squeeze traffic and profits out of folks. Let the past go. Let your service go. Let the people you helped, go. Let it all go. All that matters is how frequently, generously and persistently you help folks in the present moment. Get so busy helping folks that you forget about the past and future.

Get so busy helping folks and having fun doing so that you feel so incredibly good, brimming with confidence and clarity, that success becomes yours more and more, each moment. You will begin to notice increased blog traffic, increased blogging profits and a general business growth that feels so fun and free, that you just gotta keep sharing with others. I have such a terrible memory when it comes to helping folks, as far as recalling old guest posts. Why? I wrote so many guest posts that I could never recall one guest post out of 2,000 or 3,000 – or more – guest posts. I lost track a long time ago. I care not about past performance. I just help a ton of folks at the moment and have fun doing so.


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by Ryan Biddulph
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