Does Technology Help or Hinder Your Blog?

I am voice dictating this blog post because my arms and neck are a little tight. This is a convenient, helpful use of technology to aid me and my blogging business. Technology can be incredibly helpful when you want to leverage your presence online, save time and manage your energy. But using tech could also hinder your blog as well. I know of many bloggers who stare at the phone for hours a day when they should be creating more content and building meaningful connections. This is an example of technology hurting your blog and online business.

Does Technology Help or Hinder Your Blog

One reason why I do not get minutes for my phone is that I am not a doctor. Nor do I work in emergency services. I am a blogger. When I leave the house I do not need to be in contact with people for life or death situations. Yet many bloggers obsess over checking their email, comments, and metrics on their phone all day long. Technology hurts their blog and business because they spend so much time trying to get versus spending most of their day giving generously, laying the foundation for a successful blogging business.

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How could I write and publish 100 products in 10 months if I stared at my phone for hours daily? Impossible.

Ultimately, you choose how you use technology. Do you leverage your presence and help people with technology? Good. You can only help yourself and your readers by using tech in such a fashion. But if you use technology to obsess over the getting aspect of your blogging campaign, you will undoubtedly hurt yourself, you’ll hurt your blog and your audience won’t benefit from your tech obsession.

Be straight with yourself. How do you use technology? Think of technology as a leveraging agent. If you use it to help more folks and to experience more success, you are on the right track. But if you use technology to obsess over-serving yourself, you will stunt your blogging growth and run into many struggles.

Again, I will save myself time, energy and unnecessary discomfort by dictating this post into a Word document. 5 minutes later, after reading and editing the post, I simply copy and paste into WordPress and submit this guest post to my buddy. Technology did me a solid in this regard. Mainly, because if I had to write the post, I would either skip it or I would write in some pain, which is not really worth it. No sense punishing yourself for content. Everything should be fun, easy and enjoyable.

Face Your Fears

The only way to address technical issues with your blog is to face your fears. People glued to their phones fear missing out on traffic and profits and business. Own that fear. Feel that fear. Release that fear. By facing your fears you dissolve technology attachments and the accompanying problems associated with the technology obsession. Fear diving is the only way to do it. Being honest with yourself is the only path. Liberate yourself. Free yourself from technology. Only use this modern blessing to make your life easier, to reach more people and to increase your blogging success as you inspire more folks to live their dreams. Think about the whole, not just yourself, when you ponder using technology to grow your blog and your online business. When you think about the whole you will get the right answer every single time. When you think only about yourself, you will head towards greater struggle, failure, attachment, and deeper fears, all fueling tech obsession.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Does Technology Help or Hinder Your Blog?”

  1. Hi Ryan, Your title made me laugh or almost cry as I stressed 3 days over coding my latest blog post over a table of contents. I did it because it was a long post and it should help with SEO. But I could have just published it earlier without it and went on to much other needed tasks like working on my eBook. Luckily I was caught up with client work but not ahead like I like to be.
    So technology for me can really set me back when I try to do things on my own. I probably should have outsourced it looking back. We all live and learn every day, right? Thanks for your points here Ryan, very valid indeed!

    • Lisa I am right there with you on this journey buddy. Tech can be so helpful but goodness, it can drive us mad too. Thank you for reading and sharing 🙂


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