Easy Money Flows In and Out Like the Tide

After reading this excellent post by Enstine:

Scam Alert! Watch Out Bloggers

I want to share this analogy with you.

Easy money flows in and out like the tide. I observe tides flowing in and out, all around the globe. Spending time in Thailand, Bali, Fiji, and Costa Rica, watching the tide ebb and flow feels peaceful and fascinates me. But in all things money, we never want to see our cash flow in and out like the tide because accumulating and circulating money is our prime goal. Boost savings, invest in freedom and keep that money flowing in, increasing your overall net worth….right?

Easy Money Flows In and Out Like the Tide

Bloggers who fear losing money make greedy or desperate choices. One common choice involves being suckered by scams promising easy money. Guess what? Even if you make easy money – rare indeed – that money flows right back out, just like the tide. Either you lose the money immediately through a poor financial decision or you lose your reputation and your income follows. Or perhaps the law gets involved and penalties and/or fines wipe you out.  Easy money cannot stay with you because anything that flows to you from your dominant energy of fear-greed or fear-desperation has to flow back out just as easily, based on your fear-filled vibe.

*Permanent* easy money is impossible in blogging because every cent flowing your way involves you spending hundreds to thousands of hours practicing your writing, creating helpful content, building strong friendships, trusting in the process and trusting in yourself. Do you think it feels easy to blog for 500 hours or more before you earn a penny? Nope. But the money you earn by blogging with integrity, by developing real skills, and by rendering a valued service to humanity slowly and steadily keep increasing. As the money increases, boost your savings but keep a bit of the money circulating too; no happy, peaceful person lives like Scrooge McDuck, they miser of misers. Overall though, your net worth slowly and steadily increases if you blog compassionately, from the heart, patiently, persistently and generously increasing your skills and exposure by blogging with integrity.

I appreciate every single cent that flowed to me because I am perhaps the most genuine blogger on earth. For every dreamy, movie-like image you see of me in Fiji, I quickly remind you it took over 10,000 hours of blogging work to continually circle the globe as a pro blogger. Anybody can do what I do, but it’s no joke, folks!

Bank robbers uncovered the secret of making easy money but after the quick gain, bank robbers lose all of their money when they go to prison or they simply lose their money when they lose their life, being killed during shoot outs with law enforcement.

If you make money easily through blogging, you do not appreciate the money, and whatever you do not appreciate simply sprints away from you in some way, shape or form. Whatever you appreciate, appreciates. Any blogger who put in thousands of hours of work appreciates every freaking cent they make through blogging. Appreciating every cent allows you to make more and more money, through the power of gratitude energy and through the generous service you execute when you feel grateful, appreciative and loving of humanity.

Why do you think I am writing these words at 10 PM on a Saturday evening? I feel grateful to live a life of fun and freedom through blogging and want to share my success strategies with you. I also want to warn you; easy money flows in and out, just like the tide.


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