Get Out of the Blogging Sewer to Taste Success

I love you all. I know success can and will be yours. Taste freedom. Breathe in freedom. Feel good by revisiting your blogging vision. Now, that you raised your vibe by seeing your dreams and by feeling better, you can listen to my honest advice. See yourself in the light of truth. Be straight with yourself. Ready, guys? Cool.

Get out of the blogging sewer. What in the heck am I talking about? Well, I mean exiting both the frames of mind and physical spots 100% guaranteeing your blogging failure. Do that, to position yourself to succeed. Sound good? But leaving the blogging sewer feels super scary because your mind drips with fear when faced with this decision. For example; most new bloggers spend their time in the sewers of blogging on a free blogging platform. Guaranteed, you will never become successful on free platforms for 75 reasons I have shared 1000 times. But buying your domain and hosting scares you because you fear to spend money and you also fear to waste your time. Dive into fear, spend money on your domain and hosting, and spend time blogging the right way on WordPress dot org. You will feel better after feeling your fears. I believe in you. I know you can blog intelligently and effectively, by leaving the blogging sewer, by feeling fears and by doing things you need to do, to succeed.

Other examples of being in the blogging sewer include depending solely on ad revenue from free blogging platforms like Medium and Blogger, using free themes, using free hosting, writing and publishing one post monthly and expecting to succeed, and pretty much-doing anything from rank energy of fear, guaranteeing your failure. Breathe it in, guys. Be with your fears. Then, breathe fear out, and do the things you need to do in order to succeed with your blogging career. Everything actually gets easier and feels better if you dive into fears routinely. Do you want to feel good about blogging? How would it feel to succeed? Hold that feeling after raising your vibe and do whatever you fear to do, right now, to accelerate your blogging success by leaving the blogging sewer.

Find the sidewalk. Do a few things to lay the foundation for a successful blogging campaign. Rent an apartment, by doing a few more things. Eventually, after having fun generously helping people for thousands and thousands of hours, you buy your own penthouse. Wow! Quite a different view from the blogging sewer, eh? The sweetest view is from the penthouse, as a top blogger on earth in your niche, a full time, pro, inspired blogger living your dreams who helps tons of folks live their dreams. Everything changed the moment you chose to leave the blogging sewer. Everything happened because you made them uncomfortable but necessary decision to blog the right way. Better feelings and sweeter success are on the way if you leave fear-filled mindsets and strategies behind to lay a rock-solid foundation for a successful blogging venture, learning from pros, creating and connecting your way to blogging success.


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