How Do You Feel About Your Blogging Campaign?

No false positives.

I won’t allow it.

I love being honest with myself. Best way to go pro. Right now, I put a full time commitment to serving people through my blog and through guest posting. I am busy as heck offline. My wife and I are moving soon. Selling the house. Selling a house requiring oodles of work meaning I blog at odd hours to get work done.

My afternoon today:

  • vacuum
  • blog
  • steam the carpets
  • blog
  • toss out trash
  • blog
  • clean the bathrooms
  • blog

I blog when I can because I commit 100% to blogging; even living a super busy offline life. I commit to blogging because I largely feel good about my blog. I have fun helping people. I keep doing that. Me being a pro happened because I felt good about my blog, I had fun helping people and eventually, all my help-service allowed me to go pro.

But imagine if I felt bad about my blog right now? I would mail things in on a day like today. How it would go; I would be WAY too busy with moving-selling house stuff, and would skip blogging today. Or maybe I would work online for a few hours because I was so busy offline.

Feeling bad about your blog mirrors back to you through:

  • being lazy
  • being easily distracted
  • giving up blogging work any time you have a busy day offline
  • making excuses

But sitting with your bad blogging feelings moves along the energies. Moving along the energies allows you to feel good about your blog. Feeling good about your blog helps you generously help people for a long time. Doing this positions you to go pro as you open multiple income streams.

Feel blogging fears. Clear the fears. Feel good about your blog. Visualize your dream life. How does it feel? Freeing, eh? Good. See good in mind. Feel good. Make good-feeling blogging choices. Get in the work. Serve people. Be generous. Trust in yourself. Feel confident. Trust in the blogging process.

Everything changes the moment you change. Everything unfolds because you chose a different, good-feeling blogging path.

Blogging is an energy game before all else. How you think, feel and act determines your results. Thinking loving thoughts, feeling loving feelings and acting from generosity, compassion and trust allows you to succeed because feeling good leads to good-feeling results. We call these good-feeling results increased traffic and profits. But good things require generous service, time and patience. No worries; good-feeling bloggers naturally behave in generous, patient and persistent fashion.

Be Honest

Being honest sets everything into motion. No joke; I held back a bit because I vibed a bit too much from fear, not love, blogging-wise. Notice how I have added video embeds – or links – to my recent guest posts on various blogs? I have thousands of videos to share with you but held back a bit in not sharing them freely…..until recently.

Now I share because I honestly assessed how I could take a few moments to embed-link my videos, being a bit more generous with my blogging knowledge.

All begins with your honesty, with self. Be honest. If you feel bad, hopeless or flat out desperate about your blog, own the feelings. Embrace these emotions. Clear the fears. proceed to feel a bit better, moving into generous, trusting actions. Feeling good sets everything in motion. But you only feel good after you embrace and feel bad blogging emotions.

Don’t worry. I know you’re up to it.

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