How Quickly Can You Let Go an Ineffective Blogging Strategy?

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I recently let go a travel blogging tribe that obviously had been ineffective for me and my blog.

I did enjoy sharing there for a while but it lost luster a long time ago. Plus I saw almost no results from my social sharing.

Two key factors played into my decision to release; sharing felt like a drag and I also saw minimal or almost no tangible results as far as traffic and profits clearly from the tribe.

How Quickly Can You Let Go an Ineffective Blogging Strategy

But like a fool, I remained in the tribe for years after I felt bad working the tribe. Why? I am human. I also clung to an ineffective blogging tactic for the fear of loss. I believed if I stopped cross-promoting other travel bloggers that my traffic would drop but it did not. Even if it did drop, who cares? Felt like a job to me. If you know anything about me and blogging, I say you need to be 100% passionate about what you do to better service people. You need to enjoy it, and if you do not, let it go.

Let Go Non-Resonant Opportunities Fast

I have many awesome friends in the tribe but let go fast last week because I knew it was time to move on, into something fun, freeing and prospering Good friends can still follow me. No problem. Bookmark my blog. Simple as pie. Easy peasy.

But if they do not, I have plenty of new, genuine friends to make as I grow on my blogging journey.

Blogging is easy if you let go fast and tough if you do not let go fast. Of course, bloggers tend to fear loss so they do not let go and blogging seems tough to them. But the few who release on opportunities they outgrew, fast, see stunning success over the long haul.

Think Like Pulling off a Band Aid

Have you been cut recently? Maybe you suffered a little burn after scraping your knee on the ground?

You likely placed a Band-Aid on the wound.

Before taking a shower or perhaps changing clothes you need to remove the Band-Aid to ensure the wound heals. No sense getting infected via a dirty Band-Aid.

Either you pull the Band-Aid off fast for a painful but short nasty sensation, or you pull it one centimeter at a time, feeling less dull pain but extended, prolonged suffering. Most people pull it off slowly and keep feeling dull but uncomfortable pain for a long time. A few yank it off in 1 second to feel intense but short pain, to accelerate healing, and to feel better quickly.

Visualize that analogy as far as releasing:

  • blogging techniques like live broadcasts, guest posting, blog commenting
  • blogging tribes
  • blogging income streams
  • short work days or long work days

Lists can be limitless but you need only release one thing at a time to be successful more quickly and to ease the misery of plowing through struggles, day after day, year after year.

I feel so much better releasing the tribe. Feeling better goaded me to go on this fun-feeling guest posting blitz. This is what I was meant to do right now to have fun, to render service and to increase my exposure. It is all very simple but highly uncomfortable because we usually lament what we miss, refusing to let go, and cannot see what we gain by letting go what we outgrew a long time ago.

Pull that Band-Aid off really fast guys. You will thank yourself for doing it.

Make sure the cut is clean too. I am not going back to the travel blogging tribe. I did have fun there but it was time to move on for good via my travel blogging career.

Letting go precedes happiness, joy, fun and blogging growth.

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by Ryan Biddulph
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