How to Blog if You Lose Motivation

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1:41 PM on a Sunday afternoon.

I feel as fresh as a blogging daisy. Why? My blogging motivation flows from within. I do not need anything outside of me to keep blogging. No need for traffic or profits. Blogging itself is the sweet reward. But bloggers usually take a different path. The motivating path.

Think of blogging this way: motivators vanish, eventually. Stuff outside of you like people, profits and traffic come and go like the tide. What can you do if motivation disappears? Either quit or find a new way to blog endlessly, prolifically and creatively, generously giving of your time and talents. I prefer the second option. Quitting is not option for me. Holding an intent to blog for fun – predominantly – inspired me to blog through ups, downs and everything in between.

How to Blog if You Lose Motivation

I wrote an eBook on conquering obstacles easily solely because I learned this secret when blogging motivators vanished. Blogging inside-out makes you motivation free and helps you glide through obstacles.

How to Blog without Motivation

Blog inside-out. Blog because inside, you have fun blogging. Of course a small part of you desires money, traffic and exposure, but make this a very small part of your intent. I blog mainly because I have fun blogging. On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I do not blog indoors – when I could be at the beach in 10 minutes – because I want money, fame or support. I write this post because I have fun blogging and enjoy helping people. Both intents come from within my being. This is how to blog without motivation; blog to have fun helping people. Both intents – having fun and helping people – come from within you. Motivation comes from outside of you, as money, traffic, metrics or certain outcomes you perceive and judge.

Motivation seems to be a huge problem because all outside of you, changes. Today you make $3,43 through blogging. OK. Not bad. You keep blogging because your $3.43 money motivator motivates you to blog. Tomorrow you make 0 dollars. Oh shoot. Now you feel bad. If you made 0 dollars in a day, why blog? The money motivator vanished, as the daily total registered zero. Why waste your time blogging making 0 dollars in a day? So you take the day off from blogging because the only reason you blog is to make money and zero dollars goads you to not blog because why blog if you get no money from it?

Can you see it is literally insane to be motivated to blog by something outside of you? Everything changes. But your dominant intent only changes if you decide to have fun doing something else, other than blogging. Blogging without motivation is blogging with intent. Think that one through for just a moment.

Blogging with Intent

I could blog indefinitely because I blog to have fun, mainly, not to make money. I keep blogging because I blog mainly for fun. No outside motivators frustrate me, push me, or make me do anything, blogging-wise. Blogging with intent is blogging because you enjoy helping folks from your niche. As long as the joy-fun remains, you blog forever.

Profitable Bonus

Blogging with intent leads to big blogging profits over the long haul. Nothing stops you because your source of inspiration flows from within, not without. Blogging generously and enjoying the ride for years increases your skills and exposure. Skilled, connected bloggers who appear everywhere make sweet blogging coin.

Blog with intent.

You will never need a motivator again.

Plus you become successful over the long haul.

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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

4 thoughts on “How to Blog if You Lose Motivation”

  1. Hey Ryan Biddulph,

    Great post with great thinking. I really like the way you explained the post by using motivation and intent. Your tips on how to blog without motivation is great. I totally agree with you that blogging with an intent is a real blogging. as this post will motivate many readers, people and users to blog with intent.

    Really motivational post and thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Ryan,
    This is great, and I really like this because I always believe that money should not come as the primary goal even if it is your business. We should consider doing that for fun and to provide the best.
    Yes, of course, we need money. It’ll come secondarily as you’ve mentioned here.
    Thanks for sharing this inspirational post.
    And one more thing I should say, you brilliantly write everything you wanna write with the minimum number of words. That is amazing. You second only to Seth Godin.


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