Is Blogging Good For Your Career 2020

People think blogging is one of the best ways to generate some income online. In fact, this is one of the popular ways through which one can create a side-income or passive income. But they don’t know that blogging has even better potential to replace a full-time 9-5 day job. Yes, many people have left their jobs and are pursuing blogging as a full-time career option.

Is blogging good for your career

But, for them who can’t take blogging as full-time or who are still thinking whether blogging can be good or bad, this article will help to understand few amazing benefits about blogging which will actually help in your career.

How a blog can help your career?

Blogging is no more just a hobby. To become a successful blogger, one needs a lot of knowledge in the Digital Marketing field and many other topics. If you have heard about blogging recently or from quite a sometime, but not able to give it a chance then this article will definitely help you to take this dream to reality.

1. Express Yourself

Yes, blogging will help you to express yourself or your thoughts to the wider audience. Blogging needs a lot of content writing and if you are passionate about some topics then you can actually share your experiences with the audience. And that’s how you will find a lot of confidence to share your thoughts, express your feelings or suggestions.

2. Improve Your Writing Skill

Whatever profession you are in, everyone has a sight of storytelling. In fact, in some stages of life, we have been through situations when we share some stories. Blogging will give you the perfect platform to put your stories or experiences in the form of stories to the audience. And gradually you will discover the writer within yourself. So, you have to give enough effort to learn to write good quality content.

3. Become An Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Just image you have a blog where you share your knowledge about the skill you are pursuing. It can be anything like Digital Marketing Job or you are a teacher or IT professional or such. Besides your job, if you share your knowledge through a blog that will actually increase your authority on that topic and may help you to become an expert in your profession. You may get a promotion or a better position in your job if you have serious knowledge about the topic you want to pursue.

4. Boost Your Resume

If you are into the Digital Marketing field then I am sure you know the importance of blogging. To create a successful blog you have to understand many skills like SEO, Marketing, etc. If you can create a blog then I don’t think you have to prove anything else. As these days companies are looking for people who have real-time experiences or proved themselves by doing something of their own. So, your blogging success can easily work as a resume for you.

5. Network With Others

Blogging is the best way to connect with like-minded people. Yes, this is one of the best things that I like about blogging. If you are passionate about blogging or some topics, then you will be able to connect with people with similar interests who may work on different other professions in real-life. And that’s the best part as this way you can be highly motivated and keep your blogging journey ahead without any trouble. So, if you are looking for friends who understand your love for your interest then blogging is the best way to find them. Just join such amazing Facebook Groups for bloggers, Telegram groups, etc and engage with them.

6. Help Others

People think that they have to jump into the ground to help others or to help society. In the age of social media, you can do that online as well. That’s why I found blogging is the best way to help people who are looking for solutions to their problems online. Many people ask me different questions about generating extra income sources, what to do after buying a domain, how to start affiliate marketing and different other blogging tips. And by guiding them properly I am actually trying to helping them. And that’s the beauty of blogging.

7. Generate Extra Income

Who doesn’t like to earn extra money? But many people fall into some trap or scams when they try to make money online. I would say blogging is the best way to pursue your passion and at the same time earn some money. There are multiple ways to generate income from a blog. But you have to make sure that you are able to get some decent amount of traffic or visitors to your blog. If you have some authority in a certain field, you can definitely earn money from your blog besides your full-time job or business.


So, I am sure you will agree with me that blogging is very good for your career in every aspect. Whether you are from the digital marketing industry or not, it will help you to discover your passion for your interest. You can share your knowledge with a wider audience, connect with people who are thinking like you and finally, can generate income for you as well.

So, don’t think much, start a blog and utilize your free time for something better. Please share your thoughts & feedback about this article by writing a comment below. And thanks for reading and sharing this article.

by Santanu Debnath
Santanu is a passionate Blogger, YouTuber, content writer & WordPress enthusiast. He shares useful content related to WordPress, Blogging Tips, SEO, WordPress Hosting on his blog & help people to start a blog & be a better blogger. He also runs a Facebook Group (The Blogger's Team) to connect with all bloggers in one place.

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  1. What a nice guide? I can see from this post how much benefits one can get from having a blog as a business platform.

    If one can use it to the fullest as the author explained, it is a surefire way to hit a global push in one’s career. Thanks Debnath.

  2. Hey Santanu Debnath,

    Yes, You are right.

    Even I left my full-time 9-5 day job and now I am a blogger.

    This article is really full of valuable pieces of information and I am gonna share this one on my all social networks.

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