Do You Blog for Low Paying or High Paying Clients and Customers?

One simple but uncomfortable way to make more money blogging is to honestly assess if you blog for low-paying or high-paying clients. Think about it. Do you barter with brokers who want 5 to 10 dollar sponsored posts?

Do you bargain with brokers and clients who promise volume orders for steep discounts? Do you negotiate with brokers and clients who always ask for the best, lowest, or most discounted price?

Do You Blog for Low Paying or High Paying Clients and Customers

If you answer “yes” to any or all prior questions……you blog for low-paying clients. Becoming a professional blogger based on a low-paying client base is incredibly difficult because nickel and diming your way to a professional blogging career is virtually impossible.

Imagine spending 60 minutes bartering, negotiating, then, placing, formatting, and publishing a sponsored post for $10. Good luck trying to go pro working for $10 an hour, but only getting 2-3 hours of work per week if that.

Ditto for charging peanuts for low-paying customers. I recall jumping through hoops trying to get cheap, low-paying customers to justify spending 99 cents on one of my eBooks.

One day, I looked myself in the mirror and asked myself what in the hell I was doing charging nothing for my reads? I raised prices to $3.99, then, I raised prices to $6.99 for my eBooks. Everything became easier the moment I decided to blog for and work for high-paying customers and high-paying clients.

I do not negotiate with advertising clients. I offer fixed prices. Take my prices or leave them. High-paying clients pay me. Low-paying clients vanish. Nothing personal.

I love, respect, and care for all potential customers and clients who flow my way. But since I am a professional blogger and treat my blogging as a serious business, I only do business with serious customers and clients and give no attention and energy to everybody else. Energy thing.

Intent thing. Success thing. More than any *thing*, working only with high-paying clients ensures you give your attention and energy to love while never giving your attention and energy to fear. Since where your attention and energy goes, grows, love, profits, and worldly success keep growing for you through this simple process.

Think of it this way; do you want to build a serious, profitable, full time blogging business on people who are afraid to spend-lose money? Does that make sense to you? Does that sound like a dream business? Nope! Take the intelligent, prospering approach of building your full time blogging business on high-paying customers and clients who freely, quickly, and easily pay your rates, based on your posture, clarity, and confidence.

For you to do this, YOU need to face YOUR fears regarding blogging, money, and business, because you need to face, feel and release fears scaring you into working for low-paying clients, to begin working regularly with high-paying clients. Ditto for customers. Face and feel fears that scare you into charging 99 cents for an eBook to charge $6.99 for eBooks that high-paying customers buy, enjoy and endorse for their followings.

Go pro by making more money per business transaction. Make more money per business transaction by working only with high-paying clients and by attracting only high-paying customers with your pricing, posturing, and money mindset. Doing so feels uncomfortable or flat out scary at first, but the long term fun and freedom you experience as a pro blogger are well worth the discomfort.


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