Money Making Bloggers Scam Alert – Watch Out!

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Are you a blogger who tries to make money online?

Of course, many of us blogging want to make money from the activity. As a matter of fact, if your blog gets read by real people, you have a chance to make some extra money.

Every day that comes and goes, someone is thinking about some new way to make money and many of these new ways aren’t genuine.

A lot of people out there don’t just care about what happens to others. All they want is their money. It’s obviously crazy.

I have been online for over a decade now (as a web developer and blogger) and I can tell you it’s a world of unlimited opportunities. At the same time, it’s a mighty trap that can suck you dry within a few days.

 Money Making Bloggers Scam Alert

I have come across people whose lives have been completely messed up overnight because of minute negligence on the Internet. My good friend (whose name I’m keeping to myself) ran into a $68k dollar loss driven into a misjudged income opportunity online.

One other guy here in Douala spent days behind bars, pulled the family unwillingly into massive difficulties because of over zeal and lack of paying proper attention to some evidence. He got scammed over $30k online.

These sad stories abound around us and for the most part, folks who want quick money end up quickly losing money.

Last yeah, I was contacted by someone who introduced me to something he called Paypal Money Adder, an app that is said to add free money to your PayPal account. I have a good understanding of how PayPal functions so I couldn’t have fallen to the cheap trick.

I don’t think there is any way anyone can break into the PayPal system and manipulate figures easily. Secondly, no one in his sanity will be sharing PayPal money freely.

If anyone finds a way to generate up to $1000 PayPal money per day, that person would be very stupid not to scale the method quitely and make much money for himself.

So I wrote a post to educate my readers on how this PayPal Money Adder scam works. Something worth reading.

Don’t be a victim 

Trust me, this year and beyond, there are many more scam tricks coming up. The new Cryptocurrency industry is making it even crazier. But we have to be vigilant and not be driven by an insatiable urge to make money. Here are things to note:

  • Be mindful of everything that promises you easy or free money.
  • Investigate every opportunity meticulously before putting in your money.
  • If there are doubts or cloudy areas, and if you must put in your money, invest something you won’t regret
  • If you must take the risk, do it alone. Do not drag your family, friends or community into it until you are sure of authenticity.

There are genuine ways to make money online as bloggers

Of course, there are excellent ways to make money online without hurting anyone. But I want to discuss a few of these here for us as bloggers:

1. Affiliate Marketing

As a  matter of fact, this is one of the quickest ways to genuinely make money online as bloggers. You promote products and services owned by others who pay you a commission on the sales you generate.

This alone is a huge source of income for many bloggers who do it full time. If you promote a product that pays $30 per sale, you’ll need to make just about 33 sales to earn $1000.

The best approach would be to focus on products or services that pay recurring commissions. These are subscription platforms where you generate the sale once but get paid for as long as the clients keep renewing their accounts.

Recommended post to learn more: What is Affiliate Marketing and How to make money from it?

2. Direct Advertisement

Your blog is your marketplace. Once you have readers moving in and out, you will always have advertisement opportunities. For this to happen, you should make it known to your audience that space is available on your blog for sale.

You may want to sign up and submit your blog to advertisement platforms like BuySellAds for more exposure and opportunities. However, note that most of these platforms have some conditions that must be met.

The direct advertisement goes with selling ad space on your sidebars, within and below contents. The more your blog is popular, the higher your pay per ad space sold.

3. Contextual Advertising

With Direct advertising, you manually place or approve banners to be displayed on specific spots on your blog for a set number of days. The contextual advert model is different. Ads are automatically placed on your property based on content.

Google Adsense is a good example of networks that serve contextual ads on websites. These two have their requirements but can be a serious legitimate source of income to you

4. Sponsored posts

This is a simple money making model where a brand pays you to post on your blog. You either do the content or the company writes for you to simply post. Any of the approaches depending on your editorial guidelines.

Companies have many reasons they sponsor content on other websites:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) backlink benefit
  • Direct traffic
  • Branding
  • Leads
  • Etc

How much they pay largely depends on what they expect to get from your blog. I have seen old age domains with little traffic raising over $500 per post. Obviously, the advertiser was interested in the SEO benefit, not immediate traffic.

5. Renting space on popular posts

While this is closely related to direct advertising, I want to put it on a different page because of the steps involved.

First, identify the page on your blog that gets the most traffic from the search engine. Use Google Search Console or Analytics.

Run a search query on Google with the same keyword that drives traffic to the page on your blog. You should see some adverts on Google page #1 targeting the keyword. Those are great opportunities.

Contact those companies running those adverts. Chances are high for them to buy space on your page gave that they currently have a budget to run those ads.


As long as there are many scam openings online targeting bloggers, there are also countless numbers of genuine ways to make money blogging.

What I recommend is for you to start a blog that makes money and establish an authentic money-making online business.

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by Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki is a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur

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