Never Think the Earning Point Is the Turning Point


Clever, eh? Most bloggers think the split second they earn a penny or a buck, or, the moment blogging earnings become more consistent and persistent, that this is the turning point of their careers. Nope 🙂 I admit; it seems like the turning point and feels really, really good, fun and free to make money blogging. No doubt. Do you want to feel that freedom? Good…I know you do. Here’s the rub; the turning point is not when you physically earn money. The turning point occurs hundreds to thousands of hours of blogging work BEFORE you actually begin to make money blogging. Cause. Effect. Work. Money. Before money, generous service. Before profits, helping people freely. Confusing right? Maybe you still think like employees think. Employees think like this; put in some work, get paid quickly, every Thursday.

Never Think the Earning Point Is the Turning Point

Blogging is different because bloggers are entrepreneurs. We work generously for hundreds to thousands of hours before the money flows in because our turning point ain’t every Thursday when the employee paycheck arrives, my Young Blogging Padawans. Our turning point is every single second you spend generously helping people to increase your skills and exposure. Open multiple streams of income. Keep helping people. Keep being generous. Trust in yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Something neat happens; slowly, steadily and progressively, you position yourself to earn more and more money down the road. Why? The turning point is NOT the earning point, and the earning point is NOT the turning point. Eureka moments do not exist in blogging.

Eureka Moments?

NOPE. No blogger gets a spectacular idea, acts on the idea, and makes $50,000 or $20,000,000 in 5 hours, 5 days or 5 weeks later, working only 5 hours, or 40 hours, or 200 hours later. No way. Here’s how it happens in the real world, in pure honesty: you get a really inspired, awesome idea, spend 5,000 hours generously helping folks based on the idea, and money steadily flows to you over time. Most new bloggers think from fear-poverty, believing the bizarre idea that you get some brilliant, profitable idea, work on it for a few weeks, then, BOOM! Your Eureka moment leads to an instant turning point when you cash in on your millions. This is insane, guys. I love you, but this is poverty consciousness. Nobody gets something for nothing. The turning point in your blogging career is not some Eureka moment, not some quick payoff, not some miraculous moment of inspiration, but, for thousands of hours, generously helping people. The work is the payoff. The work is so fun and feels good, and the work is the fabulous, blessed, delightful reward.

How would it feel to love what you do? How would it feel like if you worked mainly for the love of it, and the money was extra? Pretty awesome, right? You can have this experience guys. You really can. But you need to realize that blogging is not based on some miraculous turning point or Eureka moment of clarity where you make money fast. The turning point is not a turning point really because turning points never seem to be singular moments in time. Any money you earn today or 4 months down the road or 1 year down the road flowed to you because you spent thousands of hours having an absolute blast, a party, helping folks. Sure you faced deep, pulsating fears along the way, but the fun and freedom of generously helping folks was well worth nudging into some wimpy, fraidy-cat fears, that run away like a puppy with its tail between its legs when you face these energies.


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