No Blogger Gets Paid Based on Publishing a Number of Posts

I had to clarify something I often read on Quora, guys. Bloggers believe writing and publishing a specific number of blog posts automatically leads to a set salary, or, a specific amount of blogging profits. Although it’d be awesome if it were true, this is never the case. Let’s help you cut through the confusion. You probably think back to your employee days. Or maybe you are still an employee, working the 9-5, getting a paycheck based on a specific amount or time of work rendered. That’s cool, and certainly, a great way to earn a living in a stable, predictable fashion. But blogging is a different ballgame because blogging is being an entrepreneur.

No Blogger Gets Paid Based on Publishing a Number of Posts

Entrepreneurs do not get paid a set salary based on writing and publishing a specific number of posts because profits do not flow to you based on a specific amount of work completed. Nor do profits flow to you based on a specific amount of time you work-blog. The quickest way to cut through profits-related confusion is to understand that entrepreneurs eventually become wildly successful if they work generously and trust in themselves, working for thousands of hours. No blogger gets paid a set salary because we are not employees, but entrepreneurs. No blogger signs a contract stipulating a set salary based on work completed, either volume work, or, work completed within a set time frame. We work a different gig, guys. But the return on investment multiplies into something beyond special, fun and free over the long haul.

Think of it this way; if you generously help people, trust in the process and spend thousands of hours helping and trusting, seeing the journey through, eventually, you will earn far more than most or all jobs you’ve worked. Does that sound super freeing to you? Imagine how that would feel? Blog generously, trust in yourself and in time, with significant effort, full time blogging profits flow your way. Nobody can specify exactly how many hours you need to work generously to net blogging profits but we often see bloggers put in thousands of hours of generous work before the profits begin to pile up. But never believe someone pays you after you work a set time frame or after you publish a set number of blog posts. Remember guys; your employee days are over, as far as thinking that blogging is similar to working a job. Money flows to you based on your generosity, trust, abundant vibe and non-resistance to money. Money takes its sweet time in finding you because good things take time, patience, persistence, and a generous effort.

The money comes when you have massive exposure and serious skills. As you may have guessed, reaping those sugary sweet, freeing benefits involves spending thousands of hours helping folks generously through blogging. Take the idea of a pay day based on times and/or tasks and deep-six that sucker. We work on a different timeline now, one not concerned with specific actions or work completed in a specific time frame. Now it’s time to become entirely invested in the process and to be little invested in actual blogging outcomes. That is the real secret to long term, enjoyable blogging success.


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