Pro Blogging Tip: Seek Less Resistance

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Today I felt tired. Rather than forcing things I pulled back and relaxed quite a bit. I watched 3 hours of Netflix. I also took an evening nap. What else did I do? Simply chilled out most of the day, pumping up my calories, doing a little bit of work, but seeking the path of least resistance. This might confuse you. You know being a pro blogger involves facing your fears. But facing fear does not mean seeking great resistance. Quite to the contrary. Facing fear usually means taking the path of least resistance because a less resistant path forces you to face your fears. This seems confusing at first. Professional bloggers talk about leaving their comfort zone. You need to do the same to succeed online.

But when I advise you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, this involves doing things that appear to even be easy. The problem is; doing easy, simple things for a long time triggers all types fears. For example, writing and publishing a post daily doesn’t seem terribly difficult to most bloggers for a few weeks or even for a 30 day challenge. Simple deal for everyone. May be kind of easy for most bloggers too. But doing this for 5 months in a row triggers fears because few bloggers go pro after publishing daily for 5 months. Goodness knows it took me longer than that before I went pro LOL.

Facing resistance in terms of obstacles, failure, and critics simply reveal it’s best to take a less resistant path. This is not necessarily the easier path because choosing a less resistant path usually involves doing simple things for thousands of hours before going pro. I stress how publishing content and making friends are the keys to making money online. But doing these things for thousands of hours usually brings up all your deepest fears. It’s sure been that way with me. Writing and publishing a post every day felt non-resistant. I had no problems doing it. This was less resistance. But taking this route created deep anxiety in my being. I was terrified to do simple things that didn’t bring quick success. I desperately wanted to do more complex things and also wished to work 18-hour days to speed up my success, rather than doing simple things from relaxed energy.

Goodness I learned my lesson. Overnight success does not exist. Nor can you speed up blogging income. Money arrives in its own time. These are lessons I had to learn taking the least resistant path of creating content and making friends. I eventually learned that doing simple things from the least resistance energy takes a while to register success, but the success is everlasting. Everything keeps expanding if you do simple things from a generous energy daily. This is how you become a professional blogger.

 How can you take a least resistant path? Do you take the path of greater resistance now? Everything is energy. Professional bloggers who enjoy the ride manage their energy effectively. Pro bloggers generously create, and make friends daily for many thousands of hours. This happens before the money rolls in. But after the hundreds to thousands of hours, the money does begin to arrive and eventually these people go pro. But many amateur bloggers refuse to take this simple, least resistant path. Many look for more resistance in the form of complex strategies, 18 hour work days, straining and striving and all manners of hacks and shortcuts. Stop working hard. Stop forcing things. Force negates. The harder you work now, the harder you need to work down the road.

Everything is your energy. Taking a highly resistant path now makes things tougher on you now and even tougher down the road. Complex strategies lead to struggle and failure. Shortcuts lead to failure. Working hard leads to more hard work and a 100% personal investment in your business. I invest a little bit in my business but make friends and leverage my presence through my content. I am able to enjoy life offline as I circle the globe and prosper online. But most professional bloggers do not enjoy much of life offline because they are busy working online for so many hours from strained energy, micromanaging their business, missing out on fun and freedom. I vowed never to do that.

 Think like a professional blogger. The path of least resistance still requires years of work and thousands of hours of generous service, but it involves doing simple things that do get easier and easier if you keep doing simple things. Anyone can write and publish a blog post weekly. Anyone can promote other bloggers daily. Anyone can write and publish a guest post weekly. These are not incredibly difficult or terribly complex things to do. This is the path of least resistance. This is the professional blogger path. But many months down the road, you will face a bit more resistance in the form of your fears. Don’t panic in those moments. Panicking pulls you down a path of doing complex, silly, more resistant stuff that delays your success, and that more importantly guarantees your failure, in most cases.

Face the fears. Feel the fears. Clear the fears. Rest on your vision. Dream your ideal life through blogging. Allow that vision to guide you as you be the blogger in the mental picture. I regularly visualize myself in tropical paradises like Bali or Fiji to feel calm and confident, being the blogger in those mental pictures. Visualizing helps me do simple, non resistant things for many hours. Doing these things for many hours helped me succeed online. It shall be so with you. As long as you follow the simplest of pro blogging tips which does get uncomfortable sometimes;  seek the path of least resistance.


The least resistant path sometimes gets uncomfortable because taking long journeys feels unpleasant in moments, even if it feels simple to follow the least resistant path. Create and connect. Trust in yourself. Ride out scary moments by revisiting your vision. Become a professional blogger by keeping things simple along the path of least resistance.


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  • 74
by Ryan Biddulph
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