Spend Your Day with Bloggers Who Love What You Do

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Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Bloggers who give their attention and energy to bloggers who appreciate and support them do well online because if you focus on love you tune into abundance. In laymen’s terms; if you spend your entire day with loyal blog readers who enjoy your content you will make more and more money through your blog.

Spend Your Day with Bloggers Who Love What You Do

Non-Resistance Is Prospering

If you spend your day around people who love you and love your blog, these people help you succeed by:

  • promoting you on social media
  • endorsing you
  • buying your products and eBooks
  • inviting you to guest post on their blogs
  • featuring you on their blogs
  • mentioning you on their blogs
  • interviewing you on their blogs

See how easier it gets to succeed if you go to where you are loved? Like-minded people simply accelerate your success.

Observe how I have been guest posting frequently on Vishwajeet’s excellent blog. He has enjoyed my content for years. I happily go to where I am loved by writing guest posts on his rocking blog. Zero resistance. Easy peasy. He vibes with my content and I vibe with him. His readers vibe with my content. Win-win for both of us.

Resistance Is Not Prospering

Now imagine this approach you likely see daily in your inbox; some stranger blindly pitches you a guest post opportunity. This is the resistant, fear-filled approach to blogging because you need to overcome the resistance of being a stranger, unknown, and untrusted, just to get a guest post on a single blog. I will write and submit 5-10 guest posts today that get placed in 12-24 or perhaps 48 hours because virtually all of my submissions are for bloggers who love what I do. No resistance there. Greater traffic and profits for all of us.

But if you blindly pitch strangers who have not cultivated the love, by both parties helping each other with no agenda, you will find even the most skilled pitchers waste 95%-99% of their day trying to get strangers to do something for them. Try making a lotta money using such a stupid, mindless, resistant approach. Money sprints from mindless, blogging cavemen and cave women who try to get strangers to give them opportunities by clubbing them over the head with all of their wonderful benefits, said benefits flowing from an unknown, untrusted stranger coming off the cyber street. Do these people love you? How did they prove it? What did they do for you without asking for anything?

Money sprints to mindful, compassionate bloggers who build friendships by generously serving people and who keep going back to where they are loved.

Go to Where You Are Loved

If someone loves what you do:

  • comment genuinely on their blog
  • promote them on your blog
  • guest post on their blog
  • promote them via social media

Keep going back to folks who love your blog every single day. As the love grows you begin to see more and more traffic and profits flow through these loving friendships. Why? Love is the most profitable, prospering emotion because when you feel love you lose all resistance to success, money and all the sweet things in life.

Even today, when my wife Kelli and I are driving to Atlantic City to watch a comedy act, I had to show Vishwajeet some love by writing and submitting this post. Sure I benefit too from increased exposure but I enjoy showing love for all of the love he has shown me, plus I dig giving him some passive traffic too. I woke early and likely will go to bed late tonight to keep showing the love to my buddies but it is so worth it because we all win!

  • 34
by Ryan Biddulph
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