Strap in for a Fun and Sometimes Scary Blogging Ride

Guys; blogging is so fun and freeing. Enjoy the ride. Dive in. Feels good to help people, right? Feels good to position yourself to live your dreams, too. You can do it. Success is yours. Feel it. Taste it. Smell it. Blogging success is on the way. But strap in and pull that belt tighter because sometimes the ride gets scary. Not too much, but sometimes, you need to face deep fears to reach the next level of success. I feared to stay up late to write guest posts for bloggers over a decade ago. I nudged into the fear of realizing how guest posting for bloggers feels fun, allows me to render useful service and also accelerates my blogging success. Doesn’t that sound like a fabulous trio of benefits?

The ride gets bumpy at times. You are new to this. Even veterans are new to certain advanced stages of blogging because we have not been at stages before we get there. Right? I love the ride as much as possible. Buckle up; it’s gonna be a fun ride with some bumps. I fall in love with having fun helping people. Enjoy the process. Guaranteed, you will love blogging most of the time if you blog mainly to have fun and to help people. But even then, moments of fear arise in your being sometimes. Blogging triggers fears as you leave your comfort zone routinely. Everybody needs to face these fears. No sense trying to duck or avoid the energies.


Every pro blogger had to face these scary moments where your mind races and heart flutters. Never think it is only you going through these fears. We have all been there. We needed to face and pay our fear of tuition. This is why buckling in is necessary. Bloggers desperately bail and bolt-on facing deep fears because who enjoys facing fears? Nobody. Strapping into prep for a sometimes scary ride helps you ride out the bumps without getting bumped out of your blogging car. I fall deeply in love with having fun helping people through blogging. Having fun will make the difference between success and failure. Feeling the fun of blogging pulls you through unpleasant fears. Feeling the fun goads you to do freeing but uncomfortable stuff but get this; you do this stuff largely for other people. Cool, right? You do some stuff for yourself but you do so much more stuff for other people. This is perhaps the scariest part of blogging when you just begin to learn the blogging ropes. Don’t worry; you’ll get through it. You’ll succeed. You’ll win.

Feels confusing to see all types of people around you working mainly for themselves and their families while you work for alleged strangers online, right? We are not strangers though. We love you and respect your hustle. We appreciate you because we have been through a similar journey. I love what I do and have fun blogging but sometimes, I ask myself why I am up at 11 PM on a Tuesday night publishing my 9th post today, between blog posts and guest posts? At least, my silly ego asks the question. My heart knows, it’s a little bit for me and a lot for you guys, because you are awesome, and I want to prepare you for this blogging journey. Loads of fun, mostly, but strap in for a few scary moments along the way, too. No worries. You will get through it.


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