Succeed by Developing a Different Relationship with Blogging Fear

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Imagine how fun and freeing life would feel if you developed a different relationship with blogging fear?

People generally engineer their lives to avoid fear. Folks work jobs they dislike to avoid the fear of losing all of their money. Other people marry the wrong person to avoid the fear of being alone. Being unhappy with your job and spouse maybeSucceed by Developing a Different Relationship with Blogging Fear the two chief causes of depression in the world today, considering most people spend a significant amount of time working their job and being with their spouse.

Imagine developing a different relationship with blogging fear? For one moment, visualize yourself stepping into fear, feeling the energy and doing fun, freeing things leading to your dream life. How would that feel? Initially, scary, but eventually, incredibly freeing and amazing. All those blogging-related fears dissolve into successful actions promoting your success. It sounds like a square deal to me.

Instead of designing your life to avoid fear just choose to face fear. See the fear in a different light. Fear never jails anybody unless you make fear your jailer. Successful people see fear as a teacher versus being a jailer.

I have learned about myself by facing, feeling and releasing deep fears. Years ago, I deeply feared authority. I hated being told what to do. Facing, feeling and releasing deep fears, I largely released this fear and became the prime shot caller of my life. I genuinely answer to no one as I am in control of my business and finances.

Stop doing everything you can to avoid fear. Learn from this emotion. See fear as being your ultimate teacher.

10 years ago, I feared to work with fellow bloggers for seemingly 101 reasons. 10 hours ago, I released a blogging course with fellow successful blogger Sue-Ann of Write Mix for BusinessWrite Mix for Business called:

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I experienced success for years by co-creating with other bloggers but had to face, feel and release specific partnership fears to tap into greater blog traffic and profits.

Success waits patiently, persistently and calmly behind your deepest fears. Success does not care if you face your fears today, tomorrow or 60 years from now. Success wants to find you but only if you face, feel and release deep fears do you meet hand in hand with success. Facing and feeling fears does not feel pleasant, sometimes. Other times, facing and feeling fears feels outright terrifying. Experiencing shortness of breath, a racing mind and a pulsating FEAR through your being ain’t no picnic. BUT….facing fear by developing a different relationship with this energy will improve your life 100%. I am not kidding. Fear is just a bunch of squiggly little itty bitty energy waves in your mind. Why allow little piddly energy waves to slap you around, eh? No sense letting these stupid little waves in your mind rule your life, right?

Develop a different bond with fear. Fear should not be feared but invited. Allow this energy to arise in your being. Sweet blogging traffic and sweeter blogging profits sit on the other side of fears, like, when you overcome the fear of guest posting or the fear of genuine blog commenting. I feared I’d waste my time with each but that was my loser mentality of the past. Nudging into the fear, feeling it and proceeding opened me up to increasing blogging success.


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by Ryan Biddulph
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