Top 3 Affordable and Cheap Reseller Hosting Providers in UAE

Reseller hosting is in extreme demand web hosting use has increased all over the world. It fulfills your business hosting requirements and also, allows you to resell it to your users. Didn’t knew about it?

Reseller hosting –

Reseller hosting is a type of hosting, in which you get hosting resources slightly more than you need for your business, from the merchant. This is because, you can use some part of the hosting resources for your business and resell the remaining part to your customers. As you are taking it from your merchant and then reselling it to other customers, so the name is given as reseller hosting.

That means, best reseller hosting is a way to start the hosting business, without any additional cost. All you need is a strong customer base that believes in your service so that you can obtain the recurring business from them.  Sounds great, right!

In this article, I’ll list down three affordable and cheap reseller hosting providers in UAE those can help you to start your new journey.

 1. MilesWeb –

Well, the reason of putting MilesWeb as a #1 choice from my side is that they provide literally all the hosting features that are needed for the hosting purpose. And all the hosting plans from MilesWeb are cheap as compared to other providers.

Reseller hosting plans from MilesWeb are:

Best Reseller Hosting UAE's Plans

Hosting features from MilesWeb :

(i) 100% White Label –

To keep the transparency between you and your customer, the company provides you 100% white labeled reseller hosting plans.

(ii) Free Domain Reseller –

You can also, become a domain reseller and sell over 400 extensions and TLDs.

(iii) Free SSL Certificate –

Every hosting plan comes with the SSL certificate incorporated in it that ensures that your website remains virus free. Having an SSL certificate also helps your website to rank on search engine pages.

(iv) One-Click Installer –

You can install over 400 applications like Joomla, WordPress, CubeCart, MyBB, etc in just a click.

(v) Free Website Builder –

The tool helps you to create a website without any coding skills.

(vi) Malware Scan and Removal –

An expert team from MilesWeb always keeps a close eye on the system that enables them to detect the malware infecting your website and fix it if found any defect.

The second company on this list is – BuzinessWare

2. BuzinessWare

buzinessware ensures you that they will support you for your reseller business by providing the secured and stable servers, so that it helps in your customer retention rate.

Reseller hosting plans from buzinessware are:

 buzinessware plans

Hosting features of buzinessware :

(1) Unlimited Domains –

With all the reseller hosting plans, you can register unlimited domain names.

(2) Unlimited Email Account –

Under a single reseller account, you can create unlimited email accounts for your business use.

The 3rd one is –

3. BlessHost :

BlessHost is on a mission to provide outstanding online services at the best affordable prices.

Reseller hosting plans from BlessHost are :

 BlessHost plans

Features of BlessHost reseller hosting plans :

(i) Unlimited Domains –

BlessHost also, allows you to register unlimited domains under any of the reseller hosting plans.

(ii) Powerful Performance –

The server from BlessHost runs on Intel Xeon E5 v3, 32GB+ RAM and RAID 10 hard drives to provide a better website performance.

Now, as we have seen the best of features offered by the top 3 companies, let’s see what are the necessary hosting features that you require to host a website.

(i) Domain Name –

Before hosting any website, you need to register a domain name that represents your business in the URL you use. All the 3 companies listed here provide you a free domain name with their reseller hosting plans.

(ii) Datacenter Location –

Datacenter location plays a vital role while deciding the hosting service because it is directly proportional to your website performance. Thus, always choose the location nearer to your business, so that the speed won’t get hampered. If your business is headquartered in UAE, then there is no point to select the data center location based in other foreign countries.

(iii) 24/7/365 Days Support –

In every hosting business, technical support is considered as an important parameter, because not everyone is master in the technical part. So, for the smooth running of your website, you will need support and as your website will be appearing 24/7/365 days on the internet, you will need the same level of support.

(iv) 99% Uptime –

Uptime decides the working of your website, and gives around the clock availability of experience to your customers. The minimum of 99% or above is a must uptime for any time website.

(v) Website Backup and Restore –

You cannot always be aware of the worst things that are going to happen in the near future, and so, this may lose your database. Currently, you may be taking the backup through pen drive, hard-disk or other methods, but again if you store it on the same place, then that doesn’t give you 100% safety. Thus, instead, you can choose to have a website backup from the provider, where they will store your database on their server, which is impossible to get corrupted with any kind of thefts.


Considering all the reseller hosting needs, I have listed these 3 providers and have also mentioned the important features you will require for your hosting business. You can also compare these hosting providers on the basis of their features and cost associated with them, to choose the final solution for you.

by Aaron
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