What Big Problem Arises if You Do Not Monetize Your Blog?

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I monetized my old blog nearly a decade ago.

I monetized my current blog within months of launching, in 2014. Thank goodness I did. I would have a serious problem on my hands.

A huge problem arises if you do not monetize your blog. Seen it happen with established bloggers who slammed into resistance on choosing to monetize YEARS into their blogging campaign. What is the issue?  TK’s. Tire Kickers. People who want everything for free. Freebie seekers. People who never seem to have money for your premium offerings when you decide to monetize.

I have seen a few bloggers mention how their readers complained about the ads, eBooks and other income streams said bloggers monetized through, choosing to make money 2 or 3 years into their blogging campaign. Take my blog commenting eBook; if I published 20 in-depth blog commenting themed posts over 3 years for readers, for free, said readers never seeing one income stream or premium service on my blog, imagine me releasing a $20 eBook for a crowd completely expectant of only free content? Some will complain for sure. Others will tune out dollar signs. Others will be tire kickers, congratulating me on my release, alerting me to taking a look but ultimately moving on because they just want stuff for free.

If You Fear Charging Money You Attract People Who Fear Spending Money

Yesterday, someone emailed me alerting me to buying my course. I received a royalty payment to my bank account. Someone tweeted me how they bought one of my eBooks. Someone just emailed me for an advertising opportunity, money in hand. I fulfilled, received their Paypal payment a few moments ago and transferred to my bank account. I also profited through another income stream today.

Why did I attract people who freely spend money? I have little fear charging money for my courses, eBooks, audio books and various services. But if I feared charging money for my stuff, I would attract a readership who feared spending money, tire kickers, cheapies and people who never seem to have funds to buy stuff. Mirror effect.

Begin monetizing your blog now. Do not delay in monetizing your blog anymore, for if you have chosen not to monetize for 2 or 3 or 4 years, you will have some resistance to get through. In most cases, fear stopped you on some level, from profiting. Your readers likely love your free content because they do not need to spend a dime. But when your large, loyal following sees you monetizing with ads after 4 years of free, ad-free content, some will complain. Others will stop reading your blog.

You will need to weather that resistance and begin to attract a prospering, free-spending readership who buys your stuff and clicks your ads. This process begins the moment you monetize your blog. Do it now. Cut through resistance. Feel uncomfortable, then, prosper.

I felt awkward monetizing my blog nearly a decade ago but it was one of my best blogging decisions. I became comfortable promoting myself and receiving money.  I positioned myself to become a pro. I also began building an audience who quickly knew I was a pro blogger. I rarely had to deal with tire kickers because my money clarity reflected back to me as buying readers. Of course, I had other money mental blocks to face, feel and release, to profit, but that is for another story.

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by Ryan Biddulph
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