What Is One Intimidating Factor of Appearing on Famous Blogs?

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The more folks know you, the more you open yourself to criticism.

Critics come out of the wood work to offer feedback on you, your blog and your life.

Most bloggers crave feature on world famous bloggers but have no stomach for being poked at. I did not have the stomach for getting criticized, for many years. Deliberately, I played small to avoid being criticized, poked at and prodded. But after appearing on top blogs and creating a fun course for getting featured on top blogs, I discovered something: who cares? Seriously, who cares what critics say? Critics project how they view selves onto you. Someone criticized me a few moments ago. She spoke 100% of herself and nothing of me. I am just a mirror, reflecting back to her some aspect of herself she does not like, resists, and tries to bury.


Even the most bold bloggers feel a little fear before gaining their first feature on a major blog. My boots shook a little bit the first time I published a guest post on Blogging Tips. I feared being criticized by the blog’s readers. But feeling the fear and blogging anyway was the only way through this lower energy.

Massive Exposure Means More Feedback

Remember your first few months blogging? Nobody showed up to comment on your blog for at least a few weeks, likely. I almost guarantee you did not get your first critical comment or email for months – or longer – into your blogging career. Not being on the radar screen ensures nobody offers any type of feedback for a while. But slowly and steadily gaining massive exposure by being generous and trusting in the process gives you platforms through which a high number of folks read your content and offer feedback. Sometimes, the feedback is negative. Sometimes, the feedback is hyper critical.

Especially when you land a feature on a world-famous blogger, you are apt to get more negative feedback because new, large audiences find you. Large audiences of people feel safer offering criticism in numbers, being part of the faceless, nameless, masses. Do not fear getting negative feedback from negative people who have a problem with themselves and have not the emotional clarity and maturity to own their feelings. I simply block people or spam their emails to be done with negative, low energy criticism.

I Am Clear

I am clear on my blogging journey. I simple need keep being me. No need for massive improvement or super negative feedback to give me clarity; I am pretty darn clear. I tend to be open to all feedback but if someone emits a fear-pain vibe on offering their criticism, I immediately block critics or spam their emails without saying a word. No pain-filled, fear-filled person will be part of my blogging network. Nor do I wish to give energy to low-energy folks. I block and move on.

Never let your fear of receiving negative feedback override your desire to play big. Go for features on top blogs. Generously create and connect. In time, with patience, you will begin to do astounding things, like helping people live their dreams on a grand scale while you live your dreams. If you field a few critical comments along they way it is quite a small price to pay, in order to gain massive exposure and  to experience even greater success.

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by Ryan Biddulph
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