What Makes Your Blog Stand Out?

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Good question right?

Have you ever asked yourself what makes your blog stand out from every other blog in your niche? Top bloggers put in the time and energy and thought to stand out from all the other bloggers in their niche. Standing out is actually not too difficult when you are being yourself and blog in your own voice. Difficulties only arise when you try to mimic other bloggers. Scanning most blogs you are apt to see some parroting going on. You know what I mean. Bloggers follow top bloggers and try to mimic their voice. This is a huge mistake because people just go to the source AKA top bloggers versus following a parenting minion.

I found it very easy to stand out because I always made my blog a little different. From using travel photos, to writing in my own authentic voice, to adding funny travel stories to posts, I always stood out by trusting my gut. Any bloggers can follow these simple tips but doing so feels uncomfortable. Nudge into fear. Be uncomfortable. Be you and stand out from the crowd.

Your Voice

Practice writing 500 to a thousand words daily offline. Find your blogging voice through the simple art of practicing your writing. Gain confidence and clarity in blogging you. Your blogging or writing voice sits buried beneath many subconscious fears. Practice writing to strip away the fears and to allow your voice to shine brightly. Nobody in the history of humanity can mimic your writing voice. Believe that.

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Your Design

My blog design is simple, clear and clean. Nobody can mimic my design because it is one of kind. But I had to step away from the herd when I decided to design my blog. You will need to do the same to stand out. Follow your heart. Listen to that inner guidance that nudges you to design your blog a wee bit differently. Make sure to include plenty of plenty of white space to make design elements stand out.

Your Theme

Do you now see why I always tell you to invest in a premium theme. Going with a custom or bespoke theme makes your blog one-of-a-kind. Invest money in your design. Every cent you invest in a premium or bespoke theme distances you from the blogging herd. I would say that money is well spent right? Don’t cheap out. Bloggers go with free themes and fit in with every other blogger in the free theme department. This is a huge mistake. If you can’t stand out by spending a few bucks you obviously aren’t ready to be a successful blogger.

Be You

Being yourself is the easiest way to stand out from the blogging herd. But doing so feels uncomfortable. I sometimes wonder how my style resonates with my readers even though I am relatively clear on my presentation. Who uses travel images for their featured images in the blog tips needs? Who uses their travel photos for ebook covers in the blogging tips niche? I largely feel at peace with each strategy because it screams my blog and brand but being human, I still do feel uncomfortable times. Welcome to standing out from the crowd. The journey is not always easy but well worth it in the end because standing out helps you live your dreams.

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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Ryan, Excellent post and great tips for helping our blogs stand out in the blogging crowd! You’re so right! While it’s important to follow and learn from successful bloggers mimicking others doesn’t work! As you point out in this post … our unique voice, design, theme, and our individual message is what makes our blogs inviting and unforgettable.


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