Why Your Blog Will Fail in 2020 and Beyond

Let’s face it, 90% of blogs don’t generate more than 500 unique visitors per month. With little to nothing to show for their hard work. Many blogs don’t pay the bills themselves – hosting fees, domain name renewal fees, etc. Let alone generating significant income to live full time on.

The bloggers had to source for funds elsewhere to keep the blog going.

Don’t feel sad, I know it’s frustrating and disappointing doing something for a long period without a positive result to show for it.

Why Your Blog Will Fail in 2020 and Beyond

Considering all the hard work and stress involved in building a business blog, it’s sad to see many blogs failing by the side and bloggers throw in the towel.

There are lots of contributing factors leading to why blog fails.

These factors are what I’m here to share with you along with how you can effectively fix these problems. Blogging doesn’t have to be hard. It’s fun, something you should enjoy doing and making your living from.

But without the right mindset and strategies, it could be a complete waste of time, energy, resources, and efforts. You don’t want your time blogging to be a wasted one?

Right? I guess you answer yes.

Check the list below to see if any of the factors relate to you. Be honest, if anyone relates to how you see blogging at the moment, please amend your ways.

1. Blogging Is Not Your Business.

Yes, blogging is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

But something fun and enjoyable too can be a serious business that needs our utmost attention, commitment, energy, dedication, and above all, financial investment.

90% of bloggers don’t want to invest their time and money into growing their blog. They’re too afraid or reluctant to invest money in important marketing tools, courses, services, etc.

Internet business is not different from any other business. What you give is what you get. If you’re not willing to invest in your blog, it may just take years to see the expected result. If at all you’ll ever achieve the result you’re hoping for.

Investment is part of blogging. Blogging is a business, so you must treat it as a business. There is no shortcut around this. You just have to.

If you’re a regular reader of Neil Patel’s blog, you must have read how regular he invests in his blog, tools, services, brand awareness, etc.

2. Lack of Effective Content Marketing Plan.

This is very common among beginner’s bloggers. We dedicate too much of our time on content creation that we forget to invest in content marketing. As a beginner, you must have read this cliché at least a dozen time:

Build it, they will come.

The truth is, no one will come to your blog unless you go out to show him your newly published post. If 80% of your focus is on content creation but only %20 is left for content marketing, you’re not doing your blog any good.

Reverse it, dedicate 80% of your time and investment to content marketing while the remaining %20 for content creation. There is no good use in publishing great content that no one is able to see. If your content is not finding its way into the views of a relevant audience, you’re not going to get the best out of your publishing efforts.

If there is only one thing you’ll need to be great at in business, then, that thing is marketing. Without an effective content marketing plan, even the greatest content of all time will go down unnoticed.

To learn more about effective content marketing strategies, check out this post.

3. You’re Not Consistent.

Consistency is key, not in business alone but in almost everything that needs improvement and success. If you want to be better at something and successful, you’ll need to be consistent in your practices.

Doing it today and not doing it for the next 30 days is not going to help you. If you’re blogging for just 5 hours a week, you may want to consider pushing yourself up that limit. Though, if blogging is a side hustle and you’re holding a regular 9-to-5-day job, for now, it could be wise to analyze your schedule and free time.

See how you can manage to increase those hours and be more productive in your blogging task. Push yourself beyond your current limit and start doing positive things that lead to the achievement of your blogging goal.

Don’t just spend hours sitting in front of your laptop or using your mobile phone, but do something that brings you closer to your business goal. Many bloggers do spend hours on the net engaging in unproductive tasks like updating plugins, checking daily traffic stats, reading emails, meaningless social media engagements, etc.

If you want to see the positive result as soon as possible, you have to be consistent in doing the right thing. And not marketing tasks that don’t bring any positive or tangible results.

4. You’re Blogging Alone.

Blogging in isolation will not take you far.

If you’re blogging to earn a living, you must understand the value of networking. Networking with other bloggers in your niche is as important as your blog itself. You must go outside of your blog to network with other bloggers.

Help them in any way you can without expecting anything in return. Give wholeheartedly and be generous. Visit other people’s blogs, leave valuable comments on their blog post and freely share it on your social media account.

As you continue doing these things regularly, you’ll start getting noticed and other bloggers in your niche will repay your kindness and helpful act.

To successfully build a thriving popular online business, you need a team of people like-minded. Gradually, as you continue helping others achieve their dream, you will notice some people are more willing to help you achieve yours.

Don’t blog alone, go out and collaborate with relevant marketers.

5. You Lack Creativity.

As a blogger, we’re an artist.

We must be able to create and come up with new ideas that are helpful to our readers. If you’re just following the norms. The industry conventional ideas, something everyone knows and already doing, it could take a while to achieve better success with it.

Let’s take traffic generation for example.

Some of the easiest and quickest ideas that first come to minds for traffic generation are blog commenting, social media posting, forum marketing, etc. These things are easy to execute, no wonder everybody is doing it.

But if you want better results than what everyone is achieving, you’ll need to do more than what they’re doing. You will need to come up with some unconventional traffic generation ideas. You will need to invest more in your marketing and start doing things that are more difficult to execute.

Something like creating tools that will be helpful to your industry and making it free for your audience.

When Neil Patel bought UberSuggest for $120,000, many people taught it was a waste of money. Some marketers assume Neil Patel is after the backlinks. But Neil Patel reveals it was part of an experiment to further increase and sustain NeilPatel.com traffic without having to blog 7 days per week.

So start thinking out of the box and bring some creativity into your blogging career.

When you start doing things that are difficult for other marketers in your niche to try out, you will start getting exceptional results that are better than everyone else.

6. Lack of Goal.

So many bloggers just blog without a specific goal or achievement in mind. Blogging without a goal and the time frame for its achievement won’t make you accountable for your failure. And having a goal is not enough, you must also develop a proven plan for its attainment.

It is not enough to say I want 1000 daily unique visitors. You also need to design a working plan to achieve this goal of 1000 daily visitors.

First, you need to know what it will take to reach 1000 daily visitors and your marketing strategy to achieve this. Are you going after paid ads? Guest blogging? Blogger outreach? Social media marketing?

Whatever your marketing plan, you have to decide on which one and what it will take to achieve your goal.

7. You Lack Focus/Patient.

It takes time to build a successful blog. Ask many top bloggers today how long it takes before they consider their blog a business?

Some will tell you for 12 months. Some 18 months, and even some 24 months and above. Considering their level of entry, experience-wise, budget and supports.

As a beginner, you might not have access to a big marketing budget, you lack marketing experience, support, etc.

You need to be patient and focus on making that dream blog of yours a success before moving on to another. Many bloggers are of the habit of creating a blog today and in the next six months, starting another one.

If you haven’t established your first blog, stop creating another one. At least give it some time before deciding on what to do next. Make sure you have exhausted all available means to make it work before you move on to another.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes concrete efforts, persistence, patient, consistency, commitment and a strong desire to achieve great success.


Having success with blogging is not magic. You just have to be consistent in doing the right thing.

Like any other business, you can’t expect to rely on freebies and hope to achieve greater success.

It won’t work out.

Start investing in paid services and products, then you will experience the difference you’re hoping for.

by Shamsudeen Adeshokan
Shamsudeen Adeshokan is a blogger and a seasonal affiliate marketer. He shares his online experience at Cybernaira to help you make better content marketing decisions.

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    Thanks a lot, I’m grateful and appreciate the opportunity to be here today sharing my experience with your audience.

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    • Hi Bubu,

      Thanks for reading through. Patient is important in blogging, as with many things in life. With the right amount of patient and handwork, success is not far ahead.

      Thanks Bubu.

  2. Hey Samshudeen,
    You explained very well! Lack of Goal is the biggest battle I am facing on every day to achieve.
    After reading this article, I have planned to invest some bucks on paid services and products and hoping for better enrichment!
    Thanks…Keep rocking!!

    • Hi Sathish,

      Glad to see you here and thanks for reading through.

      Goal setting helps one keep to the task at hand and to make the best out of it. It brings the best in you, the person you never imagine you could be.

      Thanks, I appreciate your time.

  3. Hi,
    Great Stuff!!
    Here I have learned the importance and strategies of being consistent and creativity in my work. I will definitely try this in my upcoming endeavors.
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  4. Hey Sai,

    Glad to read you find some useful tips here. Being consistent in anything worth doing is vital to achieving success. And as a blogger, creativity is just part of us.

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