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by Vishwajeet Kumar

Helping Newbies To Become a Successful Blogger!

Vishwajeet KumarHello friends,

Thanks for showing your interest to learn more about me. My name is Vishwajeet Kumar. I am the Founder and Author of this blog. I Have completed My B.B.A (Bachelor Of Business Administration)  from Jaipur National University in July 2016. I am a full-time blogger. I started my blogging career in late 2016 and have written various articles online as a freelance writer. I am an avid learner and also a listener.  I love to help people online to make them successful in their online businesses.

My Blogging Journey

Blogging has now become my passion and I realize it when I have written a few articles for my clients. It really encourages me a lot to write more articles. A few years back when I was just written articles for fun and a few bucks as well :), I did not understand the credibility of blogging. With the span of time, I have started reading the success stories of the bloggers who are making thousands of dollars from blogging. Which has inspired me a lot?

Reading Success stories of bloggers motivates me a lot and encourage me to start my own blog.  Since I belong to a Middle-class family and according to Our Indian society blogging is still not a valid option for an individual’s career. But I found myself very lucky.

I have got full encouragement and motivation from my family members, especially from my Mother and My elder brother. Both of them really motivates me a lot. Soon after getting encouragement from my family, I have chosen to blog as a full-time career option. Check out some of my Blogging tools which I use and recommend.

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Sites Where I have been Featured or Interviewed:

Blogging is really changed my life. I really didn’t think that I get success and popularity in the blogging world in such a short span of time. I really feel happy to share my achievements with you all. Here is the list of sites where I and my blog  get featured on :

 Blogwithvk– A blog dedicated to newbie bloggers.

I know how much it is painful when you did not get success in blogging. That’s why I have created this blog to help newbies to learn more about Internet marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Blogging, etc.  In this blog, I try to help newbies to sort out most of their problems by writing informative and detailed articles. I am getting awesome responses from my blog readers which motivates me a lot. I am always trying to add as much as a helpful article to my blog. if you have any queries or need help feel free to contact us

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