1 Thing I Learned as a Pro Blogger

Ideas seized, multiply.

The other day, my dear friend Vishwajeet commented how I am a content machine.

1 Thing I Learned as a Pro Blogger

Honestly; I have fun being generous and the more I seize ideas to write about for blog posts and guest posts, the more ideas flow to me. Two successful bloggers gave me login credentials today for guest posting gigs on their blogs. I seized those opportunities fast. I already wrote a guest post for one of the bloggers. Writing that guest post stimulated my mind: I nabbed an idea for this guest post because I wrote that guest post.

See what I mean?

If you seize one idea and act on it by:

  • writing a blog post about the idea
  • writing a guest post about the idea
  • publishing a podcast about the idea
  • broadcasting a live video about the idea

you feel good because it feels good to seize ideas, to expound on the idea, to expand the idea and to deliver it to humans via content. Feeling good immediately increases your creativity. One creative idea spurs another creative idea to find you. Like magic. But it is not magic. Creative geniuses know this: ideas seized, multiply.

I just try to learn from creative geniuses to put this concept into action.

Seinfeld and Being Prolific

One of my favorite comedians is Jerry Seinfeld.

He is perhaps the most famous comedian and all time and may be the wealthiest comedian of all time through his popular Seinfeld TV show.

I even saw him live performing stand up in New York City.

Anyway, Seinfeld shared one of the secrets to his comedic success. Every day, he wrote comedy skits on a piece of paper. He marked down reaching his daily goal on a calendar. Seinfeld said he visualized each day’s comedic writing on the calendar as a chain and he vowed to never break the chain, writing every single day.

Writing every single day made him attract more funny, creative ideas, which fostered more funny ideas, which made him more creative.

In a world where most comedies get cancelled after 4 episodes or 1 season,  Seinfeld ran for 9 years and has helped Jerry Seinfeld become worth $950 million dollars. He will be the first billionaire comic because Seinfeld has become wildly popular through syndication, playing on many different channels in the United States every single day.

Why did the show become syndicated? Every episode over those 9 years was incredibly funny. Why was every episode incredibly funny? Seinfeld never broke the creative chain, writing daily, seizing and attracting more funny comedy ideas daily.

Ideas Seized Multiply

Do you want to know what Seinfeld’s show was about? Nothing! Seriously, there was no season plot line or steady progression. He and his friends talked about day to day, mundane activities in New York City. You need to be incredibly creative to make the most popular comedy of all time be about nothing but all those ideas Seinfeld seized and wrote about multiplied into more genius ideas.

I write and submit 5 or more guest posts daily and publish multiple posts on my blog daily.

I keep seizing ideas.

Those ideas keep multiplying.

Leave writer’s block behind. Grow your blogging business by being creative, prolific and generous.

Stop being stingy. Do not pull back. Grab ideas for helping and inspiring people and package those ideas into blog posts, guest posts, videos and podcasts.

Success finds generous bloggers.

Generous bloggers seize and use ideas every single day.

Ideas seized multiply in a wonderfully miraculous way because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Seizing an idea and taking action on it at the right time is really the game changer.

    People like you are inspirational, not only from blogging perspective, but also from life.

  2. Great comparing blogging writing with Seinfeld, Ryan.
    If you write and practice every day, you will not exhaust your tank of creativity, but you’ll find it to be infinite.

  3. Hi Ryan, i am inspired every day by you…. you give off a wonderful energy, and every time i see your face pop up on my screen i think…oooh look theres Ryan, i wonder what pearls of wisdom he has for us today, love your blogs, love your work, and i love your life mindset, you should be extremely proud of yourself people speak very highly of you, keep up the good work, we all need you

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