10 Key Benefits of Using WordPress Multisite Network

If you are a content writer, a blogger or a website developer, the chances that you are not familiar with WordPress are rare. If you are already aware of it, you will find it useful to learn the benefits of WordPress multisite network.

 WordPress Multisite Network.

Quick Access to Multiple Blogs

It is always convenient to view multiple blogs to make correction sot them rather than logging in separately for every other blog. This saves time as well as the inconvenience of logging in and logging out. Because let’s face it, even if you have subscribed to Frontier packages, the fast Internet speed will be of no use if you have to practice logging in and logging out every now and then.

The multisite network allows authors and site admins to access all their pieces of work or sites with just a single drop-down list. They just need a single username and password

Network Activation

Whenever someone considers creating a website on WordPress, there are a couple of plugins that one wants to use on all websites. These include Akismet and Jetpack. If you choose to use the facility of the multisite network on WordPress, you will get the option of applying these plugins to all your websites automatically. This means that whenever you create a new site, the plugins will apply to it by default.

The advantage of it is that it makes the plugin installation, management and update very convenient and time-saving.

Map Dedicated Domains

Another very amazing feature of the multisite network is that it allows you to give a domain name to your existing subdomain. This will be a dedicated domain name and is based on the network websites. For example, you have a website that goes with the subdomain of abcd.com. The multisite network enables you to trace this subdomain back to the domain.

Faster Loading

It is always a bad idea to host a group of diverse WordPress sites. If you make use of the multisite network, it will improve the load time of your website automatically. This is because you will not be using multiple WordPress installations but just a single one. This means that a single installation will be managing the process that your website needs in loading using WordPress.

WordPress installation uses some of the resources on the server. And if you choose to install multiple WordPress options, then you will be using the required resources multiple times. This means that you will actually be using the resources many more times than you would with multisite networks.

Easy User Management

Another feature that differentiates multisite network a favorite amongst WordPress users is that it allows you to manage a great number of users. If you are a company that has a lot of employees or you want to access various information on your website, then the chances that you will be assigning work to various people are high. The user of the WordPress account can be a contributor or an editor.

The multisite network enables you to manage various things all in one place.

Save Money and Time

Time is money. When you make use of the multisite network, you are actually saving the time that you would have otherwise spent logging in and logging out. Apart from that, you would have also consumed more bandwidth. Under such circumstances, the multisite network can be a time-saving option. As you do not have to hire more people to manage WordPress for you as well. The saved time can be utilized elsewhere.

Shared Themes and Plugins

If you wish to change the theme or shared plugin for your original site or subsite, you can do it all at once now. Multisite allows the hosting account to share plugins and themes with all the other sites available in that network. This makes your task easier. The site admins can help to easily install the plugins that all can then share.

Advanced Configurations and Settings

With the help of a multisite network, you can access the advanced configurations and settings. This is a good option for the admins as well as the managers because they can make brisk changes to the content and the layout then.

This is made possible by the single panel in the multisite network that allows you to see or view everything from one place. This might seem like a complicated option to you at first, but using it frequently will make you comfortable with it.

One Time Upgradation

This is a rather convenient feature as installing the multisite network means that you have to upgrade your WordPress only once. This makes it one of the most favorite features for all those who opt for the multisite network.

Optimal Utilization of Resources

People will try to convince you that the multisite network is not safe. But the truth is that it is a very safe and convenient platform. You should not believe any of those people because many companies try to sell overcrowded shared servers. And that is the option that you should run away from.

Because this is the same as choosing an over-crowded Internet server for yourself. The speed suffers. It is for this reason people are now opting for Frontier FiOS Internet plans and the like. Because the FiOS Internet offers high-speed Internet without many interruptions.