10 Tips To Start With Your Web Project

Starting a project, whether on the web, in “real life” or anywhere, is something that has to be carefully planned. Although we often read several stories of “miracles” that happen with websites and projects that become a success overnight, it does not happen because the stars lined up but because there is a lot of work behind. I understand that many people should be reading this because they want to start their projects, or they want to refine the strategies they are following if they have just started. I must say that no recipe book says that the things we do are right or wrong, but I can give some advice.

First of all, starting a web project requires seriousness and commitment, and knowing in advance that we may not receive any revenue for a good time while we have to work harder than anyone for our project to move forward. If we are looking for an instant reward maybe we can go thinking about something else. On the other hand, having a web project – of whatever characteristics – is not the same as saying “I will open a blog in WordPress” or “have a Tumblr to upload photos of kittens”. Again, the key is seriousness: we can be talking about an application, an online service, a news portal. It is not a hobby but a project. You can visit Clasywebsitebuilders to create your own web project.

Set goals

before starting with a personal project we have to know what we want. What are our goals? What are we trying to achieve? These objectives may change over time, but it is important to keep them in mind and start planning our project with them in mind.

Define your strategy

How are we going to carry it out? This is also very important to boot. Also, it serves to identify pharaonic projects that may not be carried out by a single person or a small group of collaborators. It also serves to know how long we will take to do it, what we will do first, and other details that have to be defined before launching us fully into the project.

Know in advance who you will talk to and who your user will be: we are doing our project for someone, even for ourselves. We are talking to an “ideal user” and that is why we have to know who we are talking to. I don’t want to say that we have to do a detailed market survey, but just by putting a user model character on our head, we’ll be ready.

Check your budget

we may start a personal project with nothing in your pocket. As we may also have a minimum budget to do some things. Think of smart ways to invest in that budget. We hire more collaborators, we do an AdWords campaign, or we hire a designer who has more knowledge than us. Or we even planned a launch party. All this should be related to the project time that we are relating out – I am always in favor of some online advertising.

Hire employees

if in that budget we have a space to hire employees, let’s do it. Although it is a “personal project” it does not mean that we cannot have other people on board. Which brings us to our next point.

Ask for feedback on your ideas

It is ideal to have other opinions to improve what we are doing. I think that when we spend too much time doing something, thinking about one thing, we tend to lose some perspective. That our project is looked at with fresh eyes may be the best thing that happened to us. Not only can our collaborators think, but family, friends, and later, users.

It generates communication channels

We have to have a way of communicating with the people who read us, who use our product, or who simply want to tell us something. That is why we have to enable communication channels. , We can have social networks – mainly Facebook and Twitter – but also a contact email or a contact form. You cannot miss.

Learn from similar projects: imitation is not a good thing, but looking at projects that are similar to ours can serve as a source of inspiration to improve what we have been doing.

It raises growth

This is related to the objectives, but it is perhaps a little less holistic and more numerical. We can make a form where we consider, for example, the number of ideal visits we want to have in a year, the number of users, and more. We have to keep in mind to always grow, that our project becomes known, that it has a utility. But we have to have the numbers to prove it later.

Put on schedules to not work too much

Finally, personal projects can even consume more time than we imagined. What can be disastrous for our sleeping hours, especially if we have a “normal” job that we do not want to neglect while working on other things in our free time? Therefore, it is not too much to put together a work schedule so as not to overload us.

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