3 Successful Blogging Steps

Have fun.

Take the easy but sometimes uncomfortable route.


Take these 3 steps to succeed with blogging.

Right now, at 1:10 PM on a beautiful afternoon, I could do anything. Why am I writing this guest post?

I am:

  • having fun
  • taking the easy (but uncomfortable) route
  • trusting in the blogging process and in myself

Even though I have fun blogging and blogging is easy, I feel a little uncomfortable now because:

  • my neck feels stiff
  • my back hurts
  • a little part of me just wants to watch Netflix, ha 😉

But I keep taking the fun, easy route. Plus I trust in myself and in the blogging process, knowing how just having fun and helping people and not even thinking of outcomes aka traffic aka money helps me gain exposure, skills and success.

3 Successful Blogging Step

I love blogging. I know many of you love blogging too. Allow the love to pull you through this fascinating, freeing and sometimes uncomfortable journey.

Have fun. Take the easy route, even when it feels rough in moments. Trust. Succeed.

Easy But Uncomfortable?

OK I get it; easy but uncomfortable may confuse you.

Here’s what I mean: if you have fun writing posts keep writing posts until writing posts gets super, duper easy. BUT, while you have fun and practice, making writing easy, you WILL face fears. Facing fears feels uncomfortable. Nobody likes practicing every day, even if it usually feels fun and becomes easy to write and publish blog posts. Successful bloggers keep blogging and creating and connecting even if they feel a bit uncomfortable at times. This is what separates successful bloggers from everybody else; they have fun, take the easy route, and trust in themselves and in the blogging process, even if it feels uncomfortable once in a while.

Blog Your Fun

Do you have fun blogging about your niche? If yes, awesome. If no, figure if your niche or blogging itself feels boring to you.

Someone commented on my blog a few moments ago. He thanked me for my video because watching it alerted him to change his blogging niche. He did not have fun blogging in the niche so he had to let go. Smart move.

Blogging your fun makes the work feel like the reward. You need nothing else. If work is the reward you keep creating and connecting daily which improves your skills, increases your exposure and also promotes your success.

Take the Easy Route

Keep doing what feels easy and simple, no matter what.

Example; you publish 2 posts daily for the next 6 months because it feels fun and easy. After checking your metrics, 40 people visit your blog daily and you made $4.34 cents. Hmmmm…..do you feel relaxed, calm and comfortable? Good! You are thinking and feeling abundantly. But if you feel scared, angry, afraid or hopeless, you need to face, feel and release these uncomfortable feelings to proceed doing fun, easy, abundant stuff.

Every successful blogger rides out uncomfortable moments.


Trust in yourself and trust in the blogging process. Believe in yourself.

Successful bloggers trust in themselves above all else. Successes also trust in the blogging process, believing in advice from pro bloggers and trusting in the similar path they take that aligns with pro bloggers who took that path before them.

One pro blogger gets 1000 emails daily. He only responds to clear, 1 line emails and deletes all other emails. This same blogger spent over a year publishing 2-3 posts daily before making more than $600 through his blog. He trusted in himself and in the blogging process over numbers on a screen.

Have fun.

Take the easy path even if it gets bumpy.



by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

6 thoughts on “3 Successful Blogging Steps”

  1. Great post Ryan,
    trust is everything at least I think so. If you believe in yourself, then whatever happens, you see it as an obstacle to jump over so you can become better, stronger and more successful.
    When you believe in yourself- life is a game to be played and enjoyed.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    I’m with you on that, and Nikola came in too as well with the trust factor. Yes, it can take you places you never imagined. Example, when you started blogging, there are times when you feel like giving up and throw in the towel. But because you trust yourself in what you’re doing, you continued. Today, every blogger knows you and have read your work because you have faith in your chosen career.

  3. Hmm! I can relate myself to these tips. Sometimes, I feel uncomfortable to do blogging related work. Then this phrase comes from my inside – “successful bloggers always keep their flow even though they don’t feel like blogging”. Still, I don’t up to it.

    I have faith in blogging and trust in myself. However, I need to improve.

    I started with zero knowledge on SEO and blogging. Today, I at least know something, these years have been most productive for me. Bloggers like you Ryan is that all I want now to grow in my blogging path.

    Thanks for wonderful tips buddy!

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