5 Crucial Blogging Tips For Beginners Based On My Experiences

Need some blogging tips to ascent your blog?

Great, this article will have 5 practical blogging tips just for you.

Alright, let me quickly share my story on this subject.

When I was in my initial days of blogging, this is what I used to do

Creating multiple niche content, sharing it on some social media groups, bookmarking on random directory sites and waiting for my blog to rank.

Are you doing the same?

If yes, you must stop.

It’s a pleasure to share some of my experiences and insights here with the audience of blogwithvk.

Let’s get started.

1. Freshness in the content

The simple secret of blogging success is standing out from the crowd.

You cannot stand out if you focus on writing the same kind of articles that are already on the Internet.

Be unique and fresh.

Before you chose the blog post topic to write, just think about the freshness factor of the topic.

Alright, from below the top two topics, which would you prefer to write an article?

  • “Best SEO tips in 2019” or
  • “SEO practices that worked for you in 2019”

I prefer choice 2.

I mean, there are already millions of articles with titles like “best SEO tips” on the Internet. Don’t you think that the audience deserves the fresh and original content?

Yes, they do.

Now, you must be thinking this – If there is not enough search volume, how I’m going to get traffic to such blog posts?

These days there is this misinterpretation in most of the people’s minds that “We must add keyword based title, description, and keywords in the content to rank”.

This is not factually true and gone are such days.

Google’s Rank Brain algorithm is way smarter than your SEO intentions.

Keep the clear intention of helping the search user with your content. Somewhere in the content body, you add the keywords naturally.

It becomes easy to rank in this way.

To give you a clear idea –

Try searching for this natural query on Google – “SEO tips that worked for you” and see the results.

You will be able to see results from top SEO blogs like Neil Patel, backlinko, ahrefs, SEJ, etc.

Now, did you see any of those blogs added the exact keyword query in their title or description?

No, because they are all trying to help people with natural intent and quality information. So, Google automatically puts their blog posts on top.

Give it a try!

Take away – Don’t run behind keywords. Instead, look around; understand that, as a beginner what are the search phrases that people will search on Google.

2. Build a brand not just another blog on the Internet

You take any influencers like Ryan Biddulph, Anil Agarwal, Adam Connell, Ankit Singla, Zac Johnson, etc. These are not just names but are strong & powerful brands in the blogging industry.

Websites/blogs might fade away or shut down for various reasons – but the brands don’t.

The audience put their trust in the person behind the blog, not just the blog content.

To build such a brand, you must define your core values and take it to your audience.

Let them know why they should trust your sayings.

Be honest, be generous, and be real about what you have to say.

People simply don’t trust you to share their email ID or buy an eBook or to buy some product just because a blogger is recommending unless you show your real face and build the trust they’re expecting.

3. Blogging attitude is really important

Blogging is not just about writing blog posts and monetizing it. It is a long journey with different kinds of phases, people, and events – Just like your life.

So, don’t be serious about it – Have your fun, be real, be helpful to the people around you.

That’s how it should be, at least that I know.

When I started blogging, I couldn’t understand a thing about it; many times I was decided to give up. Today, I can’t live without blogging.

The patience and attitude kept me going to build something better.

When you believe in yourself and the process, eventually you overcome every struggle that you face.

If you be passionate enough about something, you don’t feel like lazy for that work.

The same rule applies here too!

No matter you write 10 blog posts a day or one blog post for a month – Love what you write about.

Blogging is a creative thing; don’t be just like a routine blogger who always write about SEO stuff or teach something.

Show some love for your audience and engage with the audience in the comments section. Ask them what they’d love to hear from you.

It helps you mentally and also in the blogging perception.

4. Help others

I am blogging since 2015. No blogger from the blogging community knows me except for the last six or 7 months.


I didn’t give a though to know about them.

What is the result?

Simple, I couldn’t learn things faster.

You never do that mistake.

That is not how it works.

Blogging is one of the largest communities in the world; you have to nurture relationships with people every single day.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people, it doesn’t matter if you have bad English to start a conversation.

No one is perfect – You will start learning it if you step forward and people encourage you for that effort.

Start interacting with people, not just for the sake of benefits, but for the knowledge that you’d get from them.

Most of the bloggers are active on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Connect with them, share their blog posts, and tell them how you are gaining insights from their blogs.

Wouldn’t it be great and easier if there are more like-minded people around you to help?

It makes your life simpler and happier.

5. Keep it simple

Be it your content or blog design – Keep it the least simple way.

The one thing you need to keep in mind is you are bringing the user to read your content.

Surely, not to make them understand how cool widgets that you have added, or pretty costly theme you are using for your blog.

The more you maintain the blog according to the reading perspective the more quality the audience will stick with you.

If you’re a beginner, skip all the distractions like Facebook like widgets, email popups, auto play videos that move around the screen of your blog. These widget codes will make your blog heavy which leads to high loading time.

Believe me, it’s bad and you don’t want that.

I understand popups are important to build an email list and it works.

But, isn’t it kind of distraction while the user is reading your content?

You can use exit intent technology popups from top email providers like optin monster or Thrive to build an email list if you are so keen about it.

I believe that, if the reader likes your way of writing, I’m sure he/she will bookmark or make a note of your blog to visit in the future.

Breakdown the content to simpler phrases, bullet points, bold, quotations, etc. At the same time, make sure to add a few power words to boost your blog post’s SEO.

Writing 2000+ word density blog posts works great and you can cover everything about the topic. But, solely you don’t have to prepare the content by keeping that in your mind.

For your information, a blog post with 800-1000 words also appears as Google snippets.

Wrapping it up

I made so many blogging mistakes; I got a chance to learn from those. Still, I’m learning and happy to see bloggers like Vishwajeet are open to give a chance to talk on their platforms.

I love blogging.

As I said, blogging is a journey of love and prosperity.

You have to respect every single failure, learn your mistake out of it and keep going.

Be true, yet always open to learning new things.

Every single day, you’ll meet new people and have new experiences.

Don’t stop it.

by Mudassir
Hi, I’m Mudassir. Open to learn professional blogger at NettyFeed. I help beginners to build a successful blog by teaching the things that I have learned. Let’s connect sometime, exchange productivity thoughts and grow together.  

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  1. I appreciate you for having me on your lovely blog, Vishwajeet. This is my first guest post ever, Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Mudassir!
    Congratulations on your first guest post ever. I enjoyed reading it so it must be good, right:)
    I agree with you that connections with other bloggers is key. We won’t get anywhere if we don’t work together.

    • Hi Nikola,

      Thank you.

      Connecting with other bloggers is key. However, it took me long time to realize that.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Mudassir I loved this! Fabulous guest post. Congrats on your first bro. These are the steps for blogging success.

    • Hey Ryan!

      Lot inspired from your writings. I look forward to learn more from people like you.

      Thank you.

    • Great post Mudassir! I’m a newbie just started blogging for about 6 months! Thanks again for your blogging tips!

  4. “These days there is this misinterpretation in most of the people’s minds that “We must add keyword based title, description, and keywords in the content to rank”.
    This is not factually true and gone are such days.”
    Thank you Mudassir Sir For This. Definitely going to try it 🙂

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