5 Marketing Blunders That Could Blow Your Small Business Budget

In this competitive world of business, providing quality product or service is simply not enough, especially when you are running a small business where the competition is at peak. Thousands and thousands of people start their entrepreneur career but fail in the early years. There could be plenty of reasons behind this such as funding issue, flawed business strategy, lack of goals, inadequate marketing, and many others.

5 Marketing Blunders That Could Blow Your Small Business Budget

However, sometimes many businesses despite arranging enough funds and having quality products or service still fail to sustain themselves for long enough.

If same is the case with your business, then lack of marketing or wrong marketing could be the reason why after putting so many efforts, you still are not able to grab many customers, then it’s time that you rework on the marketing strategy of your business.

Here, we have mentioned 7 marketing mistakes that you need to avoid in your business at any cost. So, let us see them one by one.

Mistake#1: Not injecting adequate funds for your marketing

Marketing is the core element of a business, so ignoring or not giving proper attention to it can have severe results on your business. If you are not providing enough funds in the marketing of your business, then you might not witness that much result then you are expecting.

For small businesses, it is advised to use up to 7-8 % of their total revenues in the marketing. Well, you have to spend money on marketing strategies if you really want to see real growth in your business, there is no other option.

Marketing is just like an investment which definitely gives fruitful results when executed in the proper way and at the right time. If there are any components that you are not using in your strategy right now due to lack of finances or because of your past business debts, then you could go for installment loans for bad credit for business.

Mistake#2:  Being repetitive all the time

The current market is highly dynamic and is changing rapidly along with the advancement of technology. You cannot expect the same result with the 10 years of marketing tactics that used to provide enormous results.  All the businesses are constantly assessing the market properly and trying their best to outperform each other.

So, using the marketing technique over and over again is not going to work in this competitive market. You have to be innovative in that area and show a creative approach to make sure that you are able to attract the audience for your business both online and offline.

Among all the options available, social media marketing is rising at a great pace due to its simplicity and cost affordability. What makes this platform unique and really useful is that it provides access to billions of people who are somehow using any one of the social networking sites. It’s just that you should know how to take the right approach and use it effectively.

Mistake#3:  Not knowing the audience

If you really want your marketing strategy to work, then you have to understand your audience. For that, you have to first define the audience whom you are planning to target and then figure out the unique ways how you can approach them without being so obvious to them.

If you have a website for your business, then it is important that you perform SEO to ensure that your website ranking is good. It is important for you to know that if your business page is not ranking in the first 2 or 3 pages of Google, then you cannot expect much traffic on your website.

This means that you will be not be generating many revenues for your business. The ideal marketing strategy is when you are available to your audience at the right time when he/she is looking for a service what you offer. Well, this is where SEO comes into play as it helps you learn about the pattern of the audience.

Mistake#4:  Not tracking your marketing     

Sometimes, we overestimate our marketing approach thinking that it will help in getting results for your business, which in times does not perform in the end. So, it is necessary that you keep tracking your marketing strategies from time to time to see how they are performing.

If somehow, any of your marketing strategies is underperforming, then it’s time that you go with other ways of promoting your products. Tracking is very important, especially when you are investing in online marketing because it might cost you more and you will end up paying more than you can have anticipated.

When you run a small business, then the majority of your customers coming will be locals. So, when going for online marketing, then don’t forget to target the local users as well.

Mistake#5: Not keeping an eye on your competitors

Keeping a tab on your competitors is very necessary for the market where everyone is putting their best efforts to take the lead in the market. Analyzing your competitors’ marketing approach will give you useful insights and will also give you the idea what kind of strategy is working and what doesn’t currently.

You don’t need to copy the strategy in which they are getting growth as this might not make you a unique business which holds the most importance. Learn from their mistakes and successes and see what new you can bring in your business so that the influx of customers rises.

Just pay attention to your competitors’ marketing approach that is giving them good results. There are various online tools available which you can help you in knowing useful insights for your competitors and as well your business too.


Wrapping up, these were the major mistakes that you need to avoid while making a marketing approach for your business. You have to understand the fact that marketing is not all about spending more and more money by using loans from a direct lender, you have to do consider numerous other things as well.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

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  1. Hi Vishwajeet,
    In my opinion, two biggest blunders are not tracking your performance to see what’s working and what’s not; and not spying on your competitors to see what they’re doing and is working for them.
    By not taking a look at them you can miss some real gem of a tactic.
    And it’s entirely your fault.

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