How to Optimize Your CTA for More Affiliate Conversions

your affiliate link clicks and conversionsYou might have a lot of visitors for your affiliate website but when it comes to conversions, there are no results. How does that happen? Well, the visitors that don’t click on the CTAs of yours will not convert.

When you don’t have those clicks on the CTAs, there is no doubt that your affiliate link clicks and conversions will remain stagnant. Whether you host a live show or set up an affiliate campaign, it is not going to provide any results unless you have the clicks.

How to Optimize Your CTA for More Affiliate Conversions

So, in a way, your call-to-actions would be the gateway for increasing conversions on your web pages. You need to ensure that your buttons are getting clicked and you are increasing your conversion rate in the best way. Now how are you supposed to do that? Well, with the help of some important tactics that will definitely result in your growth, of course, what else?

In fact, when Social Times added certain sharing buttons on social media to the email that they had, there was an increase of about 158% in their CTR.

It is a new thing to craft a proper call to action but to get the right kind of people to click those CTAs is the real challenge.

Did you know this? About 47% of all the websites have clear CTAs and the users take about 3 seconds or less to click them.

So, enough making excuses and it is time to get into action. While there are so many people that struggle to get the conversions that they want, we have some help in line.

Some Tactics to Help You Gain Clicks on Your CTAs

If you want to improve your clicking rates on CTAs, here are some tweaks that you can make to get great results. These tactics are surely going to help you out in the best way for sure.

1. Create Clickable Call-To-Actions

You have to pay attention to some smaller details if you want to ensure that your customers are having a good experience on the website. With good user experience, you can gain more customers for your services.

Now the trick to good user experience actually lies in the CTA that you have. So, you have to make it look a bit presentable. Don’t overpower your CTAs with different components such as cover photos. No one likes a big crowd, right?

So, what you need to do is share your message with the CTA in a short and crisp manner so that the people get to understand the concept and urgency very well.

2. Take Care Of The Position

It is pretty obvious that you need to take care of the placement of your buttons that people are going to click. Vishwa Deep, Co-Founder, and Editor of, a leading product review website in India, has this to say about the placement of CTAs, “The action button placement actually determines the number of clicks that you are going to get”. Now, a study mentioned that most people tend to follow the F-shape of the pattern when they are reading web pages.

Apart from that, you also need to keep in mind that your font color should be appropriate. Remember one thing that people have eyes that travel at a very fast pace for sure. So, the visitors would definitely have a look at the pattern of your webpage.

You need to put your CTAs in the places where their eyes would go the most. This is one of the tricks which are going to get you the best results with your buttons. Split testing the webpage with different placements before actually using it on the webpage would definitely be a very good idea.

3. Create A Short And Compelling Button Copy

Do you want to elevate the impact that your button has? If yes is the answer to that question, then you need to ensure that you are choosing the font color and the words pretty carefully. Always keep in mind that the CTA is basically the point where people make the decision. So, your choice of words could actually compel them to act.

When viewed from the perspective of the visitor, the action buttons should be readable, recognizable and clear. Earlier we mentioned making your CTA clickable to increase the rate of clicking. However, you need to ensure that you are using a short copy so that the people don’t get confused or bored after reading it.

4. Using Power Words In The Copy Might Help

Use some power words in the copy of your call-to-action and you might have some great results. With power words, the chances of your CTA getting clicked also increases. Some of the power words which are used in such buttons tend to stir up some emotions in the person’s mind and also influence the decision making the procedure of the user.

Using words like ‘Free’ and ‘Yes’ are simply going to work like a charm on the people. Don’t believe us? You can actually go ahead and give it a shot to know what we are talking about right here. These words tend to ensure the people that your CTA is worth clicking and they would be missing out on a lot if they don’t.

5. Use Some Timing Words For Creating Urgency

We have already mentioned it once that your CTAs need to offer a feeling of urgency for the people out there who are having a look at your web pages. But how are you going to provoke urgency for your customers and prospects?

Well, time equals money and if you get to save some of your prospect’s time, then they would surely appreciate it. So, craft your copy of the call to action by using some words of timing so that you can create the perfect feeling of urgency in them.


In the end, we can agree that Call-to-actions are certainly one of the most important factors that can increase or decrease your affiliate conversions and you mustn’t take it for granted at any cost. This is basically the gateway to having the perfect sales for your affiliate website.

Whether you are building an effective email list or want to increase your Amazon affiliate conversions, using the power of CTAs would be the best thing to do. We hope this article helped in pointing you towards the right decision to make your CTAs get clicked.

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    CTA buttons can serve many different purposes but they all have one thing in common – getting people to click them is incredibly important.

    In my opinion – Choosing a bigger size for your call to action button is a good way to make it stand out.

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