How to restore BKF files in Windows 10?

In case of any dangerous situation, data backup is always the best way to keep data secure, after which you can recover all data from data backup. We’ll talk about “how to restore BKF files in Windows 10” in this blog. First, we should know about BKF files before we know the methods for this.

How to restore BKF files in Windows 10

What does BKF File mean?

.BKF files are linked to the Backup Tool for Windows. In order to prevent their valuable data, it is necessary for any user to create windows backup. Using a windows tool called NTBackup that allows you to save your data in a file called.bkf which is the most common way to backup your data. You can then copy or transfer these files wherever you want and restore them using the NTBackup Tool.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has removed NTBackup.exe from Windows 10, so BKF files can not be restored on Windows 10. However, it can be done by installing the Windows 10 NTBackup utility manually.

Recall things to restore BKF files

  • Using the BKF file repair tool to restore data, you need to keep the recovered data in a separate location instead of the original location.
  • The executable file of the BKF software recovery tool is sufficient to be backed up to Windows 10. However, the other two.dll files need to be placed in the same region. Otherwise, you can’t access the executable file of ntbackup.exe.
  • The data will be overwritten when the original location is used to retrieve backup files. The other two.dll files are used to support the executable file of the backup service. The three files must be located in the same folder at the other initial location.

The NTBackup utility is not available in Windows 10, but it can be run easily as long as compatible DLLs are installed in the same folder. Let us begin to know the backup procedure as described below:

How to restore NTBackup Windows 10 BKF file?

Manual Method

The Removable Storage Management feature must be managed or installed when you download the NTBackup utility. To solve “How to restore BKF files in Windows 10” problem manually, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Administrative Tools>>>Server Manager>>Summary Features page.
  • Hit the Add Features
  • Check Remove Storage Manager.
  • At last, hit Next > > Install.

For installing, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Now you can see all three files together once folder has been downloaded.
  2. You will receive a pop-up message for other secondary storage devices that display vital services. Now click OK to keep the BKF folder on your computer.
  3. Now you can see the media running a complex configuration mode to change the settings used to recover data from backup files. Hit the Next button, please.
  4. You can now find a ‘ complex mode backup utility. ‘
  5. It is now essential to store the data from the recovered file.
  6. Now, you need to store the data in the alternate location instead of the original file location in order to avoid overwriting the information.
  7. Choose the file to be restored by clicking the Tools option>>Catalog Backup File->Save the file now.
  8. Hit on Media Restore and Manage. To do this, hit the files you want to restore.
  9. Press OK now.
  • Finally, a “Finished Files” window will open.

Use an expert tool to back up your data when you encounter a problem with corrupting a BKF file. In that case, you’re going to get through some issues that won’t give you a satisfactory result. The above steps will not solve your problem properly until you have a technical understanding of it. Use BKF File Repair utility to recover corrupt windows backup files quickly without any data loss. This program will give the correct results and finally fix the corrupted backup files.

Final Verdict

In this blog, how to restore BKF files in windows 10 has been discussed. All about BKF files, backup reasons and manual ways have been mentioned in this blog. Finally, an expert solution is provided to restore corrupt BKF files.

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