What Is the Simplest Way to Deal with Blogging Critics?

I can think of a few ways to deal with blogging critics.

The simplest way to deal with them is to ignore these folks because any critic simply speaks of self, but projects their criticism of self, onto you. Simple process. Since you know not to take criticism personally, it behooves you to not give these folks any of your attention and energy. I personally see critics as people who see me as a mirror, not as the object of their criticism. I just mirror back to them some ideas they believe about themselves. I never take criticism to heart because doing so takes things personally, and since I know their criticism is all about them and has nothing to do with me, I let them go.

How to Deal with Blogging Critics

Do not fight blogging critics. Never let these folks get under your skin, either. I read a Tweet a few moments ago. Someone became disgusted with the fact that no matter what, critics seem to keep finding this guy and their blog. Critics cannot be avoided, guys. The more success you experience and the more your presence expands, the more critics come across your blog and business. Simply, it is the way it is. If even spiritual masters have critics and detractors, you better believe you will have critics as you become well known. It comes with the territory. Ignore these folks because critics are unhappy people who crave your attention. Critics want a good fight. Fighting unhappy folks gives them what they want. Why do that? Not only does fighting critics prove you do not believe in self and you lack clarity, doing so wastes your attention and energy in a major league way.

Who cares what critics have to say? Does any critic truly become a great man or woman? Of course not, because it only takes an idiot to criticize bloggers. No genuine, heartfelt, compassionate, powerful person has any time or energy to criticize bloggers needlessly. Being hypercritical displays weakness, sadness, and a general mental illness because you devote so much of your attention and energy to what you do not want that you forget what you do want.

You know who offers helpful feedback? Genuine, compassionate readers who see areas for improvement, clearly, and offer authentic, honest opinions on your work. Listen to these people. None will criticize you angrily, instead of using love and tact to help you grow as a blogger. Once in a blue moon, you may get a little bit of harsh criticism from these folks but most of the time you can bank on getting honest, direct and polite feedback to point you in the right direction. Pay attention to this crowd. Ignore the critics out there. No time for negative energy because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Be with Your Emotions

Ignoring critics works well but if you feel strong, negative emotions triggered after getting negative feedback from a critical person, stick around and feel these feelings. Nobody grows as a blogger being saddled and burdened by heavy negative emotions because negativity pulls you down, back into your comfort zone. People do not write eBooks for years, for fear of getting negative feedback. The split-second someone triggers their fear-pain-anger-embarrassment via a negative review on their first ebook, instead of feeling their fears, these bloggers push the emotions deeper and go back into their shell, versus feeling the fear and being freer of the fear of criticism.

Ignore critics but be with the emotions critics may trigger in you.


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