Why Celebrate Blogging Adversity?

Everything that challenges you forces you to face, hug and release fears.

Facing, hugging and releasing fears makes you an unstoppable blogger.

Every blogging challenge or adversity comes with a beneficial seed. Why? Fears you face, feel and release open up endless opportunities for growth, expansion, and success. But you need to be uncomfortable in moments to face and feel fear and to unearth the beneficial seed in the adversity. Celebrate tough times because tough times lead to sweet times.

Example; did you know how I created Blogging From Paradise? My hosting company pulled my old blog offline. I had arrived in Fiji a few days earlier. Leveled by jet lag, I recall waking at 2 AM one groggy morning to find my old blog offline. What the heck happened? Haze invaded my dome. I was cooked. I emailed the hosting company. Unless I removed 1000 posts my blog would remain offline. Ouch. I was floored. But I felt a nudge to release my old blog. Been boring for a while. I felt I had outgrown the blog but feared to let go of the blog terribly. Would I be wasting 5 years of work? How could I let go of my blogging baby?

 Why Celebrate Blogging Adversity

After a few hours of deliberation, I finally decided to let go of the blog and move in a different direction. Someone complained to me the year prior to how she lost all of her travel blogging income. She needed to figure out how to fully retire to a life of travel through blogging. Aha! I did that the 4 years prior. I retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. But it wasn’t until the moment my blog was pulled that I thought through the life I lived and how I could blog about it. SOOO many travel bloggers who I felt did it full time simply blogged part-time and traveled home to work a full-time job. Why? Mainly to fund their trips, pay bills and boost savings. Most wished to blog full time while circling the globe. I had done this the prior 4 years.

Light bulb moment!

I trashed my old blog. I created Blogging From Paradise. I moved forward.

But I never would have likely moved forward with BFP unless adversity forced my hand. I sat firmly in my comfort zone. I needed that shove out of my comfort zone to take steps for moving in my current direction. I saw the light bulb go off and ran with the idea after facing deep fears concerning losing my old blog along with 5 years of work. Thank goodness for adversity. For people who face adversity regularly, every obstacle becomes a breeze, going forward. I noted my site crashed due to a DDOS attack last week or so. I calmly walked for 90 minutes, returned home, and my blog was online. Years ago I’d have thrown tantrums like a spoiled child. Such is the life of experienced bloggers who faced an obstacle or two over the years.


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2 thoughts on “Why Celebrate Blogging Adversity?”

  1. Wow that’s going back a few years Ryan. What was it called CWATC or something similar? In sure I still have the custom theme I built for that backed up somewhere.
    I also seem to remember one of your early posts on BFP about trashing more than two thousand blog posts.
    How times have changed hey. I’m still transitioning from The Web Engineer to Phill dot Blog and tying off some loose ends. I love building sites for people but most want the Rolls Royce at Ford Escort prices.
    Working for toxic people who demand everything but not prepared to spend I wanna get away from and instead help and in turn receive reciprocation from other people across the globe.
    Yes I will keep a few clients on who I like to work with but my goal is to become a teacher and blog about what I’ve been doing this past decade.
    Cheerio for now.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    That’s so scary and terrible! How could they put to offline? Can you share more details about that incident?

    However, You didn’t give up and look at how many bloggers consider you as a role model. Good job!

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