11 Online Business Ideas You can Start from Home in 2020

You can set up any business online within a few days to become an entrepreneur without investing thousands of bucks. However, the main thing is the starting point, an idea.

online business ideas 2020

If your business idea is not practically viable, then it could make your business fail for sure. For your ease, I have created a list of 11 online business ideas you can start from your home that includes:

1. Start a niche-specific website and become an affiliate

Starting a niche-specific website is relatively easy as it helps you to make passive income for a more extended period. Through a niche website, you can target the relevant traffic quite easily as you will not have to face a lot of competition.

Moreover, you can earn thousands of bucks from affiliate commission and advertisement too.

2. Flipping Instagram Account

You can flip Instagram accounts and make huge profits eventually. Yes, you read it correctly. All you have to do is to create an Instagram account and optimize it for a few months. By doing so, you can increase the number of followers, and then you can sell the account at a higher price.

But, you should know how to choose the relevant category correctly when it comes to starting this business idea. Furthermore, you must understand how you can use the automation tool. It is better for you if you learn how to automate your Instagram account and improve your followers’ list.

3. Website/Domain Flipping Business

Similar to the Instagram flipping business, you can trade domain names at higher prices from your home. For that reason, you will need to buy unique and cheap domains at lower costs. Once you have bought unique domains cheaply, you can sell them at higher prices later on.

However, you will have to perform some prior research to see which domains are in demand and can yield maximum profits. There is no harm in visiting different domain marketplaces like Afternic to find out the rates of your preferred domain.

4. Become an Online Translator

Believe it or not, you can start earning immediately by becoming an online translator if you know any language other than English. There are different languages like Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and others spoken all around the world.

Therefore, you need to develop a professional website and build a team of people who can speak and write different native languages. You can get an online translation task by creating a profile on various freelancing sites like Upwork, People Per Hour Fiverr, and so on.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

Companies in this age of modernization prefer to hire virtual assistants rather than full-time employees. If you have a stable Wi-Fi internet connection and a laptop, then you can do this job without any hassle.

You can help entrepreneurs and small business owners by assisting them in their works like social media management, writing product descriptions, and so on. You can approach different sites such as Virtual Staff Finder, Magic, Fancy Hands, and others.

6. Sell Courses on Udemy Online

If you have experience in a specific field or area, then Udemy is one of the best platforms to showcase your talent to the whole world. This way, you can earn a considerable amount of bucks in a short time. For instance, you can read the success story of Nick Walter, an iOS developer who just sold his one course on Udemy and made $66,533 within a month.

Udemy helps people from all walks of life in learning specific traits accordingly. You can subscribe to Udemy as an instructor and upload a course based on different video lectures sequentially.

You can check out its FAQ page that lets you become a Udemy instructor and make a reasonable income.

7. Sell Designs on Etsy


You can sell your art, be it original or handmade items using Etsy. Etsy is an incredible online platform that helps artisans sell their creative work to buyers who take a keen interest in purchasing unique products.

Similarly, you can find your target audience on ArtFire and sell them your art by printing on different commodities like posters, t-shirts, curtains, pillow covers, and so on.

8. Blogging

Blogging can become a profitable online business if you are consistent in producing high-quality content for your readers. If you can express yourself through writing, you can sell different online products, including e-books, webinars, and others.

But it depends on what type of content you are creating. It should educate and entertain your website visitors.

9. YouTube Channel

You can begin this online business by uploading your videos on YouTube. If you have experience in a particular area like teaching, you can launch your YouTube education channel and start getting views in no time.

YouTube Channel

You can take advantage of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to market your YouTube education channel successfully.

10. Skype Coaching

This is another exciting business idea where you can use all your potential as a Skype coach. There are people who need one-on-one coaching besides reading coaching lessons online.

You can solve their problems by providing them online coaching over skype. They can discuss the various issues they are facing in areas like career development, communication skills, parenting, and others.

You can offer them your advice and support to help your clients in achieving their personal and professional objectives eventually.

11. Startup Advisor

Being a startup advisor, you can guide various new businesses in the right direction. In case you have experience in different fields like corporate finance, portfolio management, software development, and others, you can share your knowledge with them online.

Hence, they can get success in the future, and as a result, your online startup advisory business will also flourish.

Wrapping Up 

Summing Up, I hope you would like this extensive guide about online business ideas. Through this guide, you can start your own online business from your home without breaking your bank.